BigTrak Rover


Take your first steps into robotics with this simple and fun little gadget that turns your mobile phone into a self driving, autonomous and intelligent robot with voice and vision!


See it in action in this Video


BigTrak Kit contains:

  • BigTrak base unit
  • Mini traffic cones
  • BigTrak App (download)
  • DroidScript Demo code (download)

This unit has a ready-made App on the Play Store, but the fun really starts when you write code for the unit yourself using DroidScript of course :)

There’s a simple downloadable demo in the DroidScript ‘demos’ section to get you started, but there are so many possibilities when you start adding things like TextToSpeach, Face Tracking, Voice Recognition, Color detection, GPS etc… you can this little guy really come to life!

It works in a very simple way by detecting light emitted from the bottom of your phone screen using 4 light sensors. It may be necessary to modify the DroidScript demo code to make it work properly on very small phones, but that is easily done.


Requires 3x AA Batteries (Not included). Fits phones less than 70cm wide, Can be modified with a Dremel type cutting tool to fit wider phones, May not work in direct sunlight

We ship world wide using 5-7 day international airmail.