Espruino Basic Kit

Espruino Basic Kit


Espruino is the easiest possible way to get started with digital electronics, since you can program it using JavaScript, a skill that you already have as a DroidScript user!


  • Programmable and controllable from DroidScript Apps with the included OTG cable
  • Work on Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux and Chromebook
  • Run off any voltage between 3.5v and 16v
  • Low power, drawing under 0.1mA in Deep Sleep mode
  • Fully Open Source software and hardware
  • Full documentation, and thriving forum
  • Supports a huge range of third party hardware, including ESP8266 WiFi, CC3000 WiFi, and WIZnet Ethernet

See for more.

Included in the kit

  • Original Espruino
  • Pin strip
  • OTG cable


We ship world wide using 5-7 day international airmail.