Espruino Pico


A tiny USB stick that runs JavaScript – control things in the real world in just seconds!

The Espruino Pico is a tiny USB stick that runs JavaScript code

You can program it or control it from an Android phone using DroidScript if you like, but there’s also an IDE for it that runs in the Chrome Web browser. It’s got a syntax highlighted editor as well as a graphical programming language. It’s quick and easy to get going and great for use in DroidScript USB IO control projects and it can run stand-alone too.

There’s loads of documentationtutorials and support for a huge range of different hardware too.

See how to get started here, or if you have any questions ask away on the forums!


  • 33mm x 15mm (1.3in x 0.6in)
  • On-board Type A USB
  • Red and Green LEDs, General purpose Button
  • 84Mhz ARM Cortex M4 processor
  • 384kB Flash, 96kB RAM
  • 22 GPIO pins: 21 PWM, 9 ADC, 2 USARTs, 3 SPI, 3 I2C
  • CE and RoHS certified
  • Available with or without soldered pins
  • Voltage range: 3.5v – 16v
  • See more technical information

Note: You need an OTG cable to control (and power) it from a mobile phone

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