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Version 2.09 is out since May 6th 2021
After a brief pause DroidScript is now available again from the Google Play Store

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Formatting Syntax


Spinner control

(Description and Example taken from the DroidScript documentation)


Create Spinners using the CreateSpinner method of the app object:

spin = app.CreateSpinner( list, width, height, options );

You can allow the Spinner to auto-size by leaving out the dimensions or you can specify a width and/or height as decimal fractions of the screen's width and height.

Use the SetOnChange method of your spinner to set the name of a function you want to be called when the user selects an item.

You can get the current selection of the Spinner button at any time using the GetText method and replace the option list at any time by using the SetList method.

Use the SelectItem method to select a particular item in code


function OnStart()
  lay = app.CreateLayout( "Linear", "VCenter,FillXY" );
  spin = app.CreateSpinner( "Bilbo,Frodo,Gandalf", 0.4 );
  spin.SetOnChange( ShowSelection );
  spin.SelectItem( "Frodo" );
  lay.AddChild( spin );
  app.AddLayout( lay );
function ShowSelection( item )
  app.ShowPopup( "Selected = " + item );


Some controls use the same methods.
For examples of the same methods look here.

Method Description
Spinner.GetTextSize( mode )
Spinner.SelectItem( item ) See the info
Spinner.SetBackColor( colorcode )
Spinner.SetBackGradient( p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6,p7 )
Spinner.SetBackGradientRadial( p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6,p7 )
Spinner.SetList( list, p2 )
Spinner.SetMargins( left,top,right,bottom )
Spinner.SetOnChange( callback ) Note: callback runs only when selection changes, not necessarily touched.
Spinner.SetOnTouch( callback ) Deprecated: same as SetOnChange
Spinner.SetPadding( left,top,right,bottom )
Spinner.SetPosition( left,top,width,height )
Spinner.SetScale( x,y )
Spinner.SetSize( width,height )
Spinner.SetText( text )
Spinner.SetTextColor( colorcode )
Spinner.SetTextSize( size,mode )
Spinner.SetVisibility( HideShow )

Info to Version 1.15 and before

If the SelectItem method is called before the spinner and the layout is added to the app-object the OnChange event of the spinner is fired only after the second manual selection change.

function OnStart()
  lay = app.CreateLayout( "Linear", "VCenter,FillXY" );
  spin = app.CreateSpinner( "Bilbo,Frodo,Gandalf", 0.4 );
  spin.SetOnChange( ShowSelection );
  //spin.SelectItem( "Frodo" ); Dont write it here!
  lay.AddChild( spin );
  app.AddLayout( lay );
  //Select the Item after app.AddLayout or
  //it will not work right!
  spin.SelectItem( "Frodo" );
function ShowSelection( item )
  app.ShowPopup( "Selected = " + item );
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