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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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Formatting Syntax


TextEdit control

(Information and examples taken from the DroidScript documentation)


Create TextEdit objects using the CreateTextEdit method of the app object:

edt = app.CreateTextEdit( text, width, height, options );

You can use the SetOnChange or the SetOnTouch methods of the TextEdit to set the name of a function you want to be called when a the text is changed. Use the SetText and GetText functions to set and get the text in the TextEdit.

Example - Using OnChange

function OnStart()
  lay = app.CreateLayout( "Linear", "VCenter,FillXY" );
  edt = app.CreateTextEdit( "Edit me", 0.8, 0.3 );
  edt.SetOnChange( edt_OnChange );
  lay.AddChild( edt );
  txt = app.CreateText( "", 0.8, 0.3 );
  txt.SetMargins( 0, 0.02, 0, 0 );
  lay.AddChild( txt );
  app.AddLayout( lay );
function edt_OnChange()  
  txt.SetText( edt.GetText() );

You can change the look of a Text using the SetBackColor and SetTextColor functions on the Text object.

Example - Blue on White

function OnStart()
  lay = app.CreateLayout( "Linear", "VCenter,FillXY" );
  edt = app.CreateTextEdit( "Hello", 0.8, 0.4 );
  edt.SetTextColor( "#ff6666ff" );
  edt.SetBackColor( "#ffffffff" );
  lay.AddChild( edt );
  app.AddLayout( lay );

You can also set a background image/pattern or background gradient for the Text using the SetBackground and SetBackGradient functions. See Layouts for examples of how to use these functions.


Some controls use the same methods.
For examples of the same methods look here.

Method Description
TextEdit.GetCursorLine() Returns the line with the Cursor as number
TextEdit.GetCursorPos() Returns the position of the Cursor as number
TextEdit.GetHtml() Returns the Text of a Textedit as Html
use this if the contol has a Html option
TextEdit.GetLineCount() Returns the count of a line in the Textedit
TextEdit.GetLineStart( lineNum ) Returns the position of the start of a line as number
TextEdit.GetLineTop( lineNum )
TextEdit.GetMaxLines() Returns the count of all lines
TextEdit.GetSelectedText() Returns the selected Text
TextEdit.GetSelectionEnd() Returns the endposition of the selected Text as number
TextEdit.GetSelectionStart() Returns the startposition of the selected text as number
TextEdit.GetText() Returns the Text of the Textedit
TextEdit.GetTextSize( mode ) Returns the Textsize of the Text
TextEdit.GetType() Returns “TextEdit”
TextEdit.InsertText( text,start,end )
TextEdit.ReplaceText( text,start,end )
TextEdit.SetBackColor( color )
TextEdit.SetBackGradient( color1,color2,color3,p4,p5,p6,p7 )
TextEdit.SetBackGradientRadial( x,y,r,color1,color2,color3,p7 )
TextEdit.SetBackground( imagefile,options )
TextEdit.SetCursorPos( number )
TextEdit.SetHint( text )
TextEdit.SetHtml( text )
TextEdit.SetMargins( left,top,right,bottom )
TextEdit.SetOnChange( callback ) Starts if the user change the Text in the Textedit
TextEdit.SetOnEnter( callback )As of ver1.34 This disables enter key and fires callback
TextEdit.SetOnTouch( callback ) Starts if the user enter the Textedit
TextEdit.SetPadding( left,top,right,bottom )
TextEdit.SetPosition( left,top,width,height )
TextEdit.SetScale( x,y )
TextEdit.SetSelection( start,stop ) Select Text
start and stop are the positions in the text as number
TextEdit.SetSize( width,height )
TextEdit.SetText( text )
TextEdit.SetTextColor( color )
TextEdit.SetTextSize( size,mode )
TextEdit.SetVisibility( ShowHide )


Option Description
AutoSelect Select all Text if user enter the Textedit
AutoSize Expand or shrink the control automatically so the text fits in the Textedit
Bold Write bold text
Center Justify the text in the middle
Extract Allows full-width keyboard in landscape
Left Justify the text to the left
Monospace Shows the Text in a Monospace Font
NoSpell Disable the spell-checker
Number Defaults to the numeric keyboard
NoKeyboard Shows no Keyboard
ReadOnly You cant change the Text
Right Justify the text to the right
SingleLine Doesn't make a linebreak if
text is longer than the control
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