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(Android) IDE - How To

This is a brief intro to the IDE on Android with emphasis on how to perform specific tasks.

Creating a new Project/App
After installing the DroidScipt app on your Android device you will see a screen like this.

To create a new App/Project, touch the 3 vertical dots toward the top-right, and choose New from the drop-down.
Type in your project/app name, and choose Native or HTML (Native apps start with javascript, HTML apps start with HTML).
Other options in the drop-down are Plugins (which extend the capabilities of DroidScript), Settings (including your language, font-size in the editor), News (about DroidScript), Premium (paid for capabilities), SDK (create your own plugins), About (version, links to Discussion Group, Twitter, Facebook, and Privacy Policy).

Opening an existing App/Project
Long Touch on the icon for the app. From the pop-up choose Edit.
Other options in the pop-up are Rename, Copy, Delete, Create Shortcut, Share SPK, Save SPK, Build APK.
SPK is your source code, additional files and images.
An APK is a compiled version of your app that can be installed on other devices, and put on sites like Google Play.
We recommend backing up your work by choosing Save SPK and sending a copy to your email or Drive (etc).

To exit from Edit, touch the Android Back icon (bottom left).
To exit DroidScript, do the same.

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