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 +==== Tutorial on RapidDroidScript (a layout tool)====\\
 +Download the tool from
 +The tool can help you generate code for your layout with your controls (text, images, text input, etc).\\
 +The code generated can be copied to the clipboard, then pasted into your app/project.\\
 +Let's look at how to create a simple layout with two columns side-by-side.\\
 +In the first column we will have a button, and an image (one-above-the-other).\\
 +In the second column we will have a text field, and a text input field (one-above-the-other).\\
 +First create a layout (container) where it's contents are side-by-side (horizontal).\\
 +Main Page > Main Layout > Add > Groups > Layout > Name:SideBySide > Options:Horizontal > Create\\
 +Now create 2 layouts (containers) where their contents will be arranged one-above-the-other (vertical).\\
 +Main Page > SideBySide > Add > Groups > Layout > Name:Left  > Options:Vertical > Create\\
 +Main Page > SideBySide > Add > Groups > Layout > Name:Right > Options:Vertical > Create\\
 +Add controls to the left column\\
 +Main Page > Left > Add > Controls > Button > Text: Hello > Create\\ 
 +Main Page > Left > Add > Controls > Image > Create\\
 +Add controls to the right column\\
 +Main Page > Right > Add > Controls > Text > Text: Goodbye > Create \\
 +Main Page > Right > Add > Controls > TextEdit > Text: You can edit this text > Create \\
 +You should now see a preview of your layout and controls.\\
 +Touch the Code button (bottom right) to see the generated code and copy it to the clipboard.\\
 +There are many other layouts (see the Groups and Screens tabs), and controls (under the Controls tab).\\
 +There are also drop-downs for Basic/Advanced/Expert for most controls, and drop-downs for additional options.\\ 
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