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Line 20: Line 20:
 **Open default maps app** **Open default maps app**
 +app.SendIntent(null, null, “android.intent.action.MAIN”, “android.intent.category.APP_MAPS”);
 +As an alternative, you may wish to open Google Maps specifically - the code should really be on [[intents:google_maps|this separate page]]
   app.SendIntent(   app.SendIntent(
Line 46: Line 50:
 app.SendIntent(null, null, "android.intent.action.MAIN", "android.intent.category.APP_MESSAGING"); app.SendIntent(null, null, "android.intent.action.MAIN", "android.intent.category.APP_MESSAGING");
 +**Open bluetooth settings**
 +app.SendIntent(null,null,"android.settings.BLUETOOTH_SETTINGS" )
 +**Open WiFi settings**
 +app.SendIntent(null,null,"android.settings.WIFI_SETTINGS" )
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