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terrencepaul33 Odisha samaya have stepped forward to provide all the news including breaking news in very less time by his Web Portal.
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-**ICICI Starts services on Twitter and Railway Plans before Nabakalebar Festival**+=====Welcome to the DroidScript Wiki===== 
 +(formerly AndroidScript wiki).   
 +==== Privacy Policy ==== 
 +[[privacypolicy|Privacy Policy]] 
 +==== About the wiki ==== 
 +We are not directly connected with the developers of the **DroidScript JavaScript programming IDE for Android**.\\ 
 +We are a collaborative community website about DroidScript that anyone, including you, can edit. Click the pencil icon at the right of any page to get started!
-If you are looking to find some of the best Indian or Odisha news today, then we are the right stop for your news thirstHere below are two best India news today and Odisha news today.+====So what is DroidScript?==== 
 +DroidScript (was AndroidScript) is a free Android app that allows us to write genuine Android apps in JavaScript.\\ 
 +Much of DroidScript's front end is written in DroidScript 
 +[[sample_code:ds_itself|Code to show and search DroidsScript's startup code]] shows how it is done 
 +====What is on this wiki?==== 
 +The best place to start looking to see what is on the wiki so far is the top right of your browser window. 
 +The **[[|Sitemap]]** and the **Search box** are your friends.
-**India news Today:**+[[getting_started:faq|Frequently Asked Questions]] 
 +\\ [[!forum/androidscript|Official DroidScript Forum]] 
 +[[|Help with posting on forums]]
-Lets check out what India news today reveals; ICICI bank has announced the launch of banking services, called icicibankpay, on Twitter. The service will facilitate transfer of money by customers to anyone within the country having a twitter account, and will also allow a customer to check his account balance, view last three transactions, and recharge prepaid mobile in a secure manner. +====Namespaces==== 
 +[[getting_started:|Getting started]]\\ 
 +[[built_in:|Built-in features - DroidScript API]]\\ 
 +[[sample_code:|Sample Code]]\\ 
 +[[intents:|Intents Samples]]\\ 
 +[[tips_tricks:|Tips and Tricks]]\\ 
 +[[microbit:|BBC micro:bit]]\\ 
 +[[plugins:Building an APK]] 
 +[[version_history:|DroidScript version history]] 
 +[[bugs_and_requests:|Bugs and Feature Requests]] 
 +[[about_wiki:comments|Comments about this wiki]]
-“With growing prominence of social media in everyday lifeit is believed that customers would be delighted to have yet another avenue which allows them to bank, while they are on social media. At present, ‘icicibankpay’ will help customers to execute banking transactions while they are socializing on Twitter.” The customer can send money to anyone in India even if the recipient does not have an ICICI Bank savings account+====Note for contributors==== 
 +If you wish to create a new page in the **DroidScript** wikiplease click on the most appropriate namespace above (or in the Sidebar) and follow the notes for contributors there.
-ICICI Bank claimed it is the first in Asia and only second in the world to offer a Twitter based transfer service. A year ago, it launched facility to transfer funds through the Facebook and has now thirty thousand active Facebook users.  
-Claiming that the bank serves the highest number of youth in the country and this service is launched in the view of the demographic. It has 2.8 million registered mobile banking users and 15 million internet banking users, and more than a team of hundred people are working on digital banking within the bank.  
-**Odisha News Today:** 
-Well, as per the Odisha news today is conernced, the Indian Railways has drawn up mega plans to improve the infrastructure facilities ahead of the Nabakalebar festival and Rath Yatra. With accommodation being a major hurdle for lakhs of pilgrims likely to throng the town during the festival, a shelter is being built with modern civic amenities near the railway station at a cost of 11 crore INR. About eight crore would be spent for construction of two new platforms and the existing one would be renovated. Bathing complexes are also being constructed for the event. Besides nearly 50 lakh INR would be spent to provide 24x7 power supply to the railway station complex and Rupees twenty eight lakh for installation of LED television sets in the station and platforms.  
-Efforts are also on to upgrade the Government Railway Police (GRP) outpost to a fully fledged police station, while the first aid center is being converted into a hospital. More ticket booking counters in the station and outside would be made operational soon.  
-For more news update and details please visit us at 
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