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samayanews Odisha Samaya is the best web news portal for updating latest current news about India and also worldwide.
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stevegarman [What is on this wiki?]
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-The Samaya is an Odia daily newspaper published from the capital city of Bhubaneswar.It was founded by Basant Kumar Biswal and is currently being edited by Satakadi Hota. Samaya as print media is well known in OdishaAlong with publishing the news in newspapers it also has a news website and an online version as well for the newspapers which is freely available to all internet users.+=====Welcome to the DroidScript Wiki===== 
 +(formerly AndroidScript wiki).   
 +==== Privacy Policy ==== 
 +[[privacypolicy|Privacy Policy]] 
 +==== About the wiki ==== 
 +We are not directly connected with the developers of the **DroidScript JavaScript programming IDE for Android**.\\ 
 +We are a collaborative community website about DroidScript that anyone, including you, can edit. Click the pencil icon at the right of any page to get started! 
 +====So what is DroidScript?==== 
 +DroidScript (was AndroidScript) is a free Android app that allows us to write genuine Android apps in JavaScript.\\ 
 +Much of DroidScript's front end is written in DroidScript 
 +[[sample_code:ds_itself|Code to show and search DroidsScript's startup code]] shows how it is done 
 +====What is on this wiki?==== 
 +The best place to start looking to see what is on the wiki so far is the top right of your browser window. 
 +The **[[|Sitemap]]** and the **Search box** are your friends. 
 +[[getting_started:faq|Frequently Asked Questions]] 
 +\\ [[!forum/androidscript|Official DroidScript Forum]] 
 +[[|Help with posting on forums]] 
 +[[getting_started:|Getting started]]\\ 
 +[[built_in:|Built-in features - DroidScript API]]\\ 
 +[[sample_code:|Sample Code]]\\ 
 +[[intents:|Intents Samples]]\\ 
 +[[tips_tricks:|Tips and Tricks]]\\ 
 +[[microbit:|BBC micro:bit]]\\ 
 +[[plugins:Building an APK]] 
 +[[version_history:|DroidScript version history]] 
 +[[bugs_and_requests:|Bugs and Feature Requests]] 
 +[[about_wiki:comments|Comments about this wiki]] 
 +====Note for contributors==== 
 +If you wish to create a new page in the **DroidScript** wiki, please click on the most appropriate namespace above (or in the Sidebar) and follow the notes for contributors there. 
-For more news update and details please visit us at 
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