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-====== AndroidScript v1.11 ====== 
-Released October 6th, 2014 
-AS 1.10 
-- app.StartApp method is now working again. 
-- Custom dialogs can now use the 'NoTitle' option. 
-- Added latest news splash check at startup. 
-- Stopped Huawei phone USB popups. 
-- Now targetting API >= 14 (prevents HTC legacy menu bar). 
-- ListFolder can now cope with quotes in file names. 
-- Put in newer Wifi IDE (with debug filtering). 
-- Added Dlg.SetTitle method. 
-- app.Execute calls inside WebView now denied when page is remote. 
-- Added custom dialog sample. 
-- Add new icon (Thanks go to Jorge for the new icon). 
-- App list now supports scrolling. 
-- Camera preview now correct rotation in portrait mode. 
-- Fix spinner ontouch trigger when using SetList(). 
-- Can now List IP addresses on websockets. 
-- Send to msg to specific IP in websockets. 
-- 'SetHint' method added to TextEdit control. 
-- 'Number' option added to TextEdit control. 
-- On device editor now only saves when code changed. 
-- List item selection always full width. 
-- Add html formatting options to text, list and buttons. 
-- Added 'Text Formatting' sample. 
-- Added 'MonoSpace' font option to lists. 
-- Fixed Wifi Demo + Camera Stream. 
-- Auto-scaling text box (use the 'AutoScale' option). 
-- Enabled normal use of the javascript prompt function. 
-- SetDivider losing color after Setlist. 
-- Added app.GetCountryCode, app.GetLanguageCode, app.GetLanguage, app.GetCountry. 
-- Fixed issue when calling img.SetTextColor before img.Clear(). 
-AS 1.09 
-- WebView permissions bug fixed. 
-- App icons are now sorted alphabetically. 
-- Added TTF font loading + FontAwesome in Txt, Lst and Img. 
-- Do alarm service repeat + cancel method. 
-- Added app.CreateNotification method + sample. 
-- Added "NoCancel" option to app.CreateDialog method. 
-- Updated Wifi Editor. 
-- Added lay.AddChild( child, order ) . 
-- Added lay.ChildToFront( child ). 
-- Added lay.GetChildOrder( child ). 
-- Prevent package name parts starting with numbers. 
-- Wifi editor folder is now in a hidden folder. 
-- Don't need the /edit on Wifi Editor URL. 
-- Added app.GetMacAddress(). 
-- Added app.GetVersion() + app.IsNewVersion() methods. 
-- Added app.GetObjects method. 
-- Add GetType() method to objects. 
-- Text input panning enabled in APK's 
-- Fixed animate callback bug. 
-- Email attachments now supported by Email object. 
-- Visible controls now support 'this' keyword. 
-- Breaking Change:  'TouchThrough' option needed to touch through layouts. 
-- Breaking Change:  app.ListFolder now returns array (use toString() to get comma sep list). 
-- Added index param to List OnTouch/OnLongTouch callbacks. 
-- Camera color detection sample. 
-- Fixed orientation startup bug. 
-- Ellipsis option added for Text and List controls. 
-AS 1.08 
-- APK builder plugin. 
-- Wifi IDE multi script support. 
-- Wifi IDE quick function finder. 
-- Encryption sample added. 
-- Html web server now free. 
-- Progress bar sample. 
-- Video streamer sample. 
-- Video player sample. 
-As 1.06 
-- Add CopyFile function. 
-- Fixed black flashes on busy games. 
-- Encryption + hashing added. 
-- Arduio via OTG supported. 
-- IDE run samples. 
-- IDE supports multiple files. 
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