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-====== DroidScript v1.18 ====== 
-===== Updated === 
-February 8th, 2018 
-===== What's new ===== 
-v1.18 incorporates changes made in various private betas tested since version 1.15 
-Most most notable change in this version is the ability to create 'HTML' based apps as well as the usual JavaScript (Native) App type.  This will allow much easier development of HTML5 based applications for those who are familiar with web development.  You no longer have to use the WebView control and call the web.Execute() method to communicate between the two worlds.  Syntax errors will also be highlighted for JavaScript within your HTML page too :)  
-Check out the "HTML Sensors" sample for an example of using the JQuery 'FlotCharts' plotting library to generate live graphs of sensor input.  (Note: When it comes to including your own collection of JavaScript libraries in your own projects, you can simply use a relative path rather than the special internal path format used in the samples) 
-There are also some other exciting new samples to stimulate your imagination such as: 
-  * "Camera Faces"  - Detects multiple faces in the camera preview. 
-  * "Wifi Broadcast" - Send and Receive UDP network packets between devices (good for messaging apps or multi-player games). 
-  * "TCP Client" - Raw TCP socket client allows talking to web servers, telnet servers or embedded devices. 
-  * "Joystick" - Demonstrates using standard HID joysticks such as the XBox360 to control your Apps. 
-Here is the full change list for version 1.18: 
-   * Item Enabled HTML editing on device. 
-  *  Added Face finder sample. 
-  *  Added Scroller.RemoveChild/DestroyChild. 
-  *  Added SetOnTouch to TextEdit control. 
-  *  Html apps now resize when rotating device. 
-  *  Added GetHtml method to text edit control. 
-  *  Docs samples now working in firefox. 
-  *  Added 'AutoSelect' option to TextEdit. 
-  *  Added GetSelectedText, SetSelection methods to TextEdit. 
-  *  Added GetSelectionStart/End methods to TextEdit 
-  *  Fixed app.GetExternalFolder. 
-  *  Added app.GetInternalFolder. 
-  *  Added 'News' menu option.  
-  *  Added html-app sensor plot sample. 
-  *  Joystick intercept of arrow keys fixed. 
-  *  Added remote page security check on HTML Apps. 
-  *  Fixed Wifi Broadcast sample. 
-  *  'AllowRemote' webview option now moved to App.SetOptions call. 
-  *  Removed plugins 'close' button. 
-  *  Renamed some samples, ready for new 'HTML' samples. 
-  *  Added "HTML App" as a project choice. 
-  *  Added Raw TCP methods + sample. 
-  *  Added HID Joystick support + sample. 
-  *  Permissions are now scanned in HTML files. 
-  *  Fixed SetFolder bug in 'HTML Server' sample. 
-  *  Added SetColorEffect, GetColorEffects to camera (use in OnReady). 
-  *  Multiple spaces in filename are now handled in apks. 
-  *  ReceiveDatagram now supports 32k packets. 
-  *  Added Wifi Broadcast sample. 
-  *  Added SetOnCancel method to Dialog control. 
-  *  Fixed "/System" folder access issue. 
-  *  Fixed "tablet is not defined" bug. 
-(Text by Dave Smart in the DroidScript Google Group) 
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