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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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DroidScript v1.25b

released July 7th 2015

announcement by Dave Smart!topic/androidscript/dE0y6I7-XJE

Hi Guys, I've just released another version with lots of new functionality and some bug fixes.

This should appear in the next couple of hours on Google Play:-

* Please re-install your APKBuilder if you've got it *

Most notable changes since the last version are the support for creating your own plugins, recording video and support for sending web socket messages in both directions (client→server and server→client).

Also we are going to be playing with Google cardboard and augmented reality over the next few weeks, so basic support for this has also been added :)

Here is the list of changes since version 1.22:

DS 1.25b

  • Added app.SetVolume(stream,level) [streams: alarm,dtmf,music,notification,ring,system,voicecall]
  • Added app.GetVolume(stream) method.
  • Added app.GetAccounts() method.
  • Added 'NoBeep' option to speech recognition (only works on phones at moment).

DS 1.24b

  • Added lst.InsertItem() and lst.GetLength().
  • Refresh app list on WiFi IDE with F5 or Ctrl/Cmd+R
  • Auto refresh when clicking reconnect button on Wifi IDE.
  • Fixed draw speed and mask issues introduced in 1.23b
  • Fixed Bluetooth serial 'End' delimeter use in hex mode.
  • Added fil.Skip() and fil.GetPointer().

DS 1.23b

  • Added support for user created plugins.
  • Enabled camera recording and “Camera Record” sample.
  • Added support for two-way WebSocket comms (sample).
  • Added support for google cardboard augmented reality.
  • Added app.SendIntent method (with sample).
  • Added rest of sensor types (HeartRate,Pressure,StepCounter etc).
  • Script errors are now trapped in WebViews.
  • Added more documentation.
  • Added auto-discovery for chrome App version of WiFi IDE.
  • Intellisense now works for controls in WiFi IDE.
  • Device name and connected state shown in WiFi IDE.
  • Connection password added to WiFi IDE (optional).
  • Added new 'Game' mode to app.SetScreenMode().
  • app.SetScreenMode(“Full”) now works on devices with virtual buttons.
  • app.SetScreenMode(“Full”) now works in html apps.
  • Added new “Reflect” option to app.CreateWebServer.
  • Added new “Alias” option to app.CreateImage (makes drawing jagged).
  • Added new low level file access object app.CreateFile().
  • Fixed spritesheet example for lollipop.
  • Fixed web.LoadHtml path bug + allowed short paths.
  • Added NXT Joypad example.
  • Added broadcast permssions for moto-g.
  • Fixed app.GetUser permissions bug.
  • Enabled alert, prompt calls in lollipop updated webview.
  • Added app.GetPackageName().
  • Added lst.RemoveAll().
  • Fixed SWS- SmartWatch service apps not starting.
  • Added new app.IsChrome method (detects running in arc welded chrome).
  • Added app.GetMediaFile(“MyApp”,“.png”) method.
  • Fixed sharing files with VIEW intent (used to only work with 'share').
  • GetIntent now returns empty string vals rather than “null”.
  • Fixed issue where manual drawing upate was only working for a single image.
  • Fixed duplicate app icons issue during app rename.
  • Stopped “Maximum call stack” error.
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