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 (for the new page on the Android IDE). (for the new page on the Android IDE).
 Al4hE6  Al4hE6 
-{{getting_started:device_ide.jpg}} +{{getting_started:device_ide.jpg?324}} 
-{{getting_started:device_ide.jpg?108}} +{{getting_started:device_id_search.jpg?324}} 
 +The page for version history is out of date.\\  
 +Could be replaced by a link to\\ 
 +Some pages in Built-in features are out of date and/or duplicate what is in the doc site (see above).\\ 
 +They could be replaced by links into the doc site, with significant examples moved to the Sample Code section. \\ 
 +The Sample Get Device Infos seems to be pretty old (only goes up to Oreo, doesn't investigate Scoped)\\ 
 +Could it be updated as per ?  \\ 
 + seems to be about setting up an app icon\\ 
 +(not about the WiFi IDE)  \\ 
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