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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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To start the WiFi IDE
Invoke the DroidScript app on your Android Device, then touch the WIFI Icon (top row, 2nd icon), it will show you an IP address and a password.
On a PC or Mac open your browser and enter the IP address in the address bar, then enter the password.
To exit the WiFI IDE
On your Android Device press BACK (bottom icon on the Android screen.
(Make sure you have saved any work.)
To open an existing App/Project
On the PC/Mac Click on the top left Icon (9 squares), then click on the App/Project.
(If you hover your mouse over an App iocn you will see mini icons for Rename, Run and Delete)
To create a new App/Project
On the PC/Mac Click on the top left Icon (9 squares), then click on New Javascript App or New HTML App.
Editing/Running/Stopping your code
Just type in your code (as you type the Smart Editor will prompt/autocomplete).
To Save press Ctrl+S.
To Undo changes press Ctrl+Z, and to re-do changes press Ctrl+Y.
To run your code (on your Android device) press Alt+R.
(On the right hand area you can click on Debug to see messages from your running code)
To stop your code press Alt+S.
You can Cut Ctrl+X, Copy Ctrl+C, and Paste Ctrl+V.
Search/Replace, Jump to Functions
To search your code press Ctrl+F, to search again press F3, to search backwards press Shift+F3.
To replace press Ctrl+F a second time.
(The search/replace box also has mini icons for regular expresssions, ignoring case and whole word search).
To jump to a specific function click on Functions in the top menu.
Expand/Collapse your code
Click on the small triangles next to the line number to expand/contract blocks of code.
Click on - icon (top menu) to contract all your functions.
Click on + icon (top menu) to expand all functions.
Left Hand menu
Click the Pencil icon to come back to the editor.
Click the Asset icon to add Assets (images etc) to your App (from your PC/Mac).
Using multiple files.
To create another file in your app, click the circle+ icon in the top menu.
To edit a specific file click the file name in the top row.
(There's a small icon to the top-right of each file to Delete it).
To use additional javascript files then your main file should include app.Script(“filename.js”)
(Non_Premium users are limited to 3 files per App).
To make your edit area wider/narrower click the Expand Editor icon (top-right of edit area).
On the right hand area you can see News about Droidscript, Documentation, Samples, Debug or Chat.
(You can copy/paste code from Examples in the Documentation, and Samples) To switch between dark and light backgrounds click the moon icon in the top-right.

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