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 Namespace for sample code using intents from DroidScript Namespace for sample code using intents from DroidScript
 +[[PlayStore]] -- send User to.
 +[[General Gmail]] - DroidScript Samples' Example of calling Gmail intent (shows use and json-ification of an Extras array).
 +[[Google Maps]] - Intents to call Google maps (also shows checking if intended app is installed). \\
 +[[Skype]] - may not need to use intents.
 +[[Calls]] - Make phone calls.
 +[[SMS]] - Open Message app passing phonenumber and message 
 +[[Camera]] - Open default camera in different modes.
 +[[Audio]] - Open default Music/Audio apps.
 +[[Open Apps]] - Open common default apps/
 +[[Timer]] - Add Timer
 +[[Alarm]] - Add Alarm
 +[[Calendar]] - Add Calendar Event
 +[[Broadcasts]] - How to receive Broadcasts
 +[[Calculator]] - Open Calculator App
 ---- ----
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