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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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Comments and suggestions

Let me kick off with no, I can't dump docuwiki and go over to mediawiki.

The version of php running on my hosted server is too old for any recent version of mediawiki and I won't have any income stream from this site. Try dokuwiki, it's not so bad.

Need Better Tutorials

The app seems great, but it's not very approachable from a new person stand point.

I spent the better part of last night just trying to get an image and a text box to appear where I want them too. I never succeeded.

With JavaScript I understand what is going on and when I add a div or a button to another element I know where it is going to appear and how to move it left, right, up, and down.

In DroidScript, I can't make heads or tails of it. I don't understand what increments are being used in methods such as SetMargins and SetSize. Moving one thing ended up moving the other as well. I used the same number for height and width in the SetSize method and ended up with a rectangle. I just don't understand it.

A solid series of video tutorials would go a LONG way to helping people use the app right off the line. Show people how to position things in relation to other things, how moving one thing effects others, how your increments work in size and position etc etc.

I am really hoping to use the app, but as it stands I just end up getting frustrated.

Added Tutorial on Layout under Getting Started - Al4He6
Also see - Al4He6

In response to above me, I know what you're saying, yet the approach I have taken is to try and go back to the basics of JavaScript regardless of what I feel my skill level is. I don't know how much you know compared to myself, but I know I felt that way, and after reviewing things even if I can't make an app with droidscript it was a quick way to experiment with code and visualize it relatively quickly. It helped to just change things around a lot, and refresh the device to see the response and then derive the function's behavior. Just my take on it, but I am definitely just an amateur/hobbyist coder, so this could be useless to you but hopefully someone will benefit.

Need More Samples

This is related to the above somewhat, but we need more sample apps. I am currently trying to implement an IAP in my app and will release a (dumbed down) sample app on this wiki later in the month (possibly next month) but more examples on how to use the various parts of DroidScript would make easing DroidScript noobs into the framework much simpler for them. I'll add more examples and possibly post some basic games here. I also think that we should be able to upload project folders here (as the Google groups page is too cluttered). I want to share a basic game engine I am building over the DroidScript App engine here to make Gamedev easier.

How do I can set alarm, add event, play music and search in default app by DroidScript

Pages for adding alarms, timers, and calendar events have been added.

Need Better CAPTCHA


I often search for options can set for built in's or other things like app.CreateLayout(type,options); But what things I can set for 'options' and 'type' or other? In lots of other built in descriptions this isn't given for example in app.CreateSynth(type); PLEASE ADD IT TO ALL BUILT IN DESCRIPTIONS AND OTHER WHERE THIS IS THE CASE!!

Most of the options are now listed in the docs that come with DroidScript. There is a copy at but you are welcome to add them to the Wiki if you think they are still needed

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