Rapid development of mobile Apps, using JavaScript

Create native Android apps using JavaScript, the most popular coding language on the planet!  Plus, create HTML5 apps using your favourite web libraries.  Start coding straight from your device in seconds!

App development – Simplified

DroidScript is an easy to use, portable coding tool which simplifies mobile App development. It dramatically improves productivity by speeding up development by as much as 10x compared with using the standard development tools.

It’s also an ideal tool for learning JavaScript, you can literally code anywhere with DroidScript, it’s not cloud based and doesn’t require an internet connection.

Unlike other development tools which take hours to install and eat up gigabytes of disk space, you can install DroidScript start using it within 30 seconds!



“This app had everything I wanted, it runs javascript perfectly, and gives tutorials for phone functions. Got lots of use out of it.”

Josh Daley

“Me and my friend wouldn’t have jobs (we’re 16) if it weren’t for DroidScript, we’re now creating successful apps for Google Play and I’ve decided on making a full time career with programming and I wouldn’t have decided on this without DroidScript introducing me to this!”

Nathan Gockel 

“The IDE link allows quick realisation of Apps (even for a novice programmer) The whole app is packed full of features that can be applied what ever the situation.”

Dan Evans

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Our coding tool has nearly 2 MILLION downloads, hoards of active users and an always buzzing forum!  Start coding today!

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DroidScript WiFi IDE makes coding even easier!

If you prefer to use a keyboard and mouse, the WiFi IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can be used from any Web Browser, so you can develop your DroidScript apps on a Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

You can remotely control, edit and debug your apps and connect to multiple Android devices at once. Simply start DroidScript on your phone or tablet and then press the connect button to start coding over your WiFi network.

Loads of samples and active docs make it easy to learn.

Our built-in Docs guide you through the features of both DroidScript and JavaScript. You can run example snippets directly from the Docs, or browse through the many Samples to help you learn and get started.


Downloadable plugins to extend DroidScript’s features.

Build your apps for release on Google Play using our APK Builder plugin, create apps to read bar codes and QR codes, use OCR, Bluetooth beacons and much more!
Use our plugin SDK to create your own private and open source plugins or extend the WiFi IDE by creating DroidScript Extensions.


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droidscript.org is a not-for-profit organisation. All of our revenue is used to pay for hosting services, equipment for our volunteers, or distributed to our part-time (very low paid) developers

Support the Developers

DroidScript is free to download, and we want to keep it that way. You can help support the ongoing development of DroidScript by buying our plugins or making a donation, thank you!


Sponsor a Plugin

Do you need new functionality for your company project? and need it fast? Well, sponsor a plugin and we will build it for you.


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DroidScript has an active and helpful community of users, so if you need some help, or you want to help others, come and join the community!


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