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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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Formatting Syntax


The APKBuilder plugin


The DroidScript ApkBuilder plugin allows you to export your Apps to standard Android Package files (APK files). You can then distribute your Apps to your friends or upload your Apps to Google Play for the whole world to try!


Once the ApkBuilder plugin is downloaded, you can create APK files by long pressing on your App icon in DroidScript and selecting the 'Build APK' option.


It is important to use relative file paths in your JavaScript source code to load images, sounds and external scripts etc, because these files are copied into the APK file as internal assets. Remember the “/sdcard/DroidScript” folder will probably not exist on someone else's mobile device.

e.g. image is stored in “/sdcard/DroidScript/yourapp/Img/xxx.jpg”, you should name the path as “Img/xxx.jpg” instead. Otherwise, while you generate the APK, it will not be included as Android Assets.

How can you get this plugin?

The ApkBuilder plugin is not free. You have to pay a little money for it. But if you bought it, you can build as many apk files as you want! The plugin works entirely offline. But after each new installation of DroidScript you should reinstall (no new buying) the plugin to bring it up to date with the new version. You can download or reinstall it over the Plugin-Section within DroidScript.

First Start

After the first start of the plugin you must create a user.keystore file. You need a password for it. You find this file in your apk folder. Every time you want create a apk file DroidScript ask you for that password in that file. Save this file on a other save place too!

Here is a warning from Dave, developer of DroidScript:

If you are publishing to Google Play…
It is essential that you back up the user.keystore file and use exactly the same keystore file and password every time you update your App on Google Play or else you will have to remove your App and publish it again (losing all your ratings). You cannot re-create the same keystore file.
(There is a warning in DroidScript about this when you create your key and password for the first time)
You can find this keystore file in the APKs folder.

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