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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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DroidScript v1.15


December 5th, 2014

What's new

v1.15 incorporates changes made in various private betas tested since version 1.12

Please be aware that your /sdcard/AndroidScript folder will be automatically renamed to /sdcard/DroidScript when you first run this version, so if you have hard coded any paths to /sdcard/AndroidScript in your apps (which would be very naughty!) then they won't work as expected

  • Added app.SimulateTouch( obj,x,y,dir ) method.
  • Fixed img.SetTextSize bug.
  • GetObjects now correctly returns a map of all user created objects.
  • Rename /sdcard/AndroidScript folder to /sdcard/DroidScript.
  • Wifi IDE now support HTML, CSS and TXT files.
  • Added 3 GLView examples.
  • Added MediaStore sample.
  • Added cam.GetPixelData() method (useful for Augmented Reality).
  • Added img.GetPixelData() method.
  • The 'id' parameter is now sent to alarm callbacks.
  • Downloader object supports SetOnError callback.
  • Downloader object now shows no complete or error messages (user must supply them).
  • app.OpenFile(“/sdcard/my.htm”) now opens with a browser.
  • Added optional “px” mode param to *.SetTextSize and *.GetTextSize methods.
  • Added txt.GetTextSize method (works with autoscale).
  • Added app.GetFreeSpace, app.GetFileDate, app.GetFileSize methods.
  • ApkBuilder now works for latest CyanogenMod.
  • GLView DrawImage and DrawSprite now supports use of -1 in dest width/height.
  • GLView now uses fractional draw parameters for DrawImage and DrawSprite.
  • GLView now properly disposed when calling app.DestroyLayout().
  • GLView now allows img.Destroy().
  • APK debug signing now uses proper android debug key.
  • app.OpenURL is allowed in remote webviews.
  • app.CreateEmail now gets Internet permissions in APK.
  • Added 'Speech Recognition' sample.
  • Added 'Audio Record' sample.
  • Added 'NoSound' option to buttons etc.
  • Added 'AllowZoom', 'AutoZoom', 'Wide' options to app.CreateWebView.
  • Added extra 'zoom' parameter to app.CreateWebView method.
  • Added “AllowRemote” option to WebView.
  • Added app.Call method (makes phone calls given a phone number).
  • app.OpenFile params 2 and 3 are now optional.
  • Wifi IDE now saves all modified scripts
  • Added app.ToBack method (Sends app into background).
  • Added 'SetLooping(true/false)' method on MediaPlayer.
  • Custom icons now supported on List controls!
  • Added lst.SetItem, lst.AddItem, lst.RemoveItem methods.
  • Added scroll.GetScrollX, scroll.GetScrollY functions.
  • Added app.GetOSVersion method + docs.
  • Added app.GetClipboardText method.
  • Fixed web server demo.
  • Appended app name to SPK share via email subject field.
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