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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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DroidScript v1.22

released April 15th 2015

announcement by Dave Smart!topic/androidscript/2EIaI4E_Mlw

Hi Guys, I've just released another version with some new functionality and a few bug fixes.

* Please re-install your APKBuilder if you've got it *

Most notable changes since the last version are the support for connecting via ADB instead of WiFi and the new *ByIndex methods on the List control.

Also, check out for the new 'Demos' section of the WiFi editor home page too. We will be keeping our eye out for more clean and polished demos to go in that section, so if you think you have something that really shows off the power of DroidScript in an immediate way, that works well on phones, then let us know…. you could be famous!

Changes in this version:

  • Added editing via ADB option.
  • Added Demos to WiFi editor.
  • Added sns.SetMaxRate() method (defaults to 20ms).
  • Added cam.GetParameters and cam.SetParameter methods (use to set ISO vals).
  • Added List GetItem,SetItem,RemoveItem,ScrollToItem,SelectItem *ByIndex methods.
  • lst.GetList() with no params now returns object list.
  • Added 'Ongoing' option to Notifications.
  • Fixed 'append' mode for app.WriteFile.
  • Added 'encoding' parameter for app.WriteFile.
  • Added app.SetAutoStart(appName) method.
  • Added web.ClearHistory() and web.GetUrl().
  • Added app.SetWifiEnabled(enable) and app.IsWifiEnabled() methods.
  • Added app.SetBluetoothEnabled(enable) and app.IsBluetoothEnabled() methods.
  • Added app.SetRingerMode(mode) and app.GetRingerMode() methods.
  • Added nxt.GetRotationCount() method.
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