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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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DroidScript v1.29b

released October 10th 2015

announcement by Dave Smart!topic/androidscript/uITP0GFSr5s

Hi Guys, I've just released another version with TONS of new functionality and some bug fixes.

This should appear in the next couple of hours on Google Play:-

* Please re-install your APKBuilder if you've got it *

Most notable changes since the last version are the support for creating background services, and the addition of a new off-line JavaScript reference and the ability to create custom button styles.

(You can find a sample SPK for creating background services on this forum)

Also, check out our new High performance thumbnail 'ImageGrid' plugin (arriving later today on the plugins page).  It supports both local and remote image browsing and has automatic image caching (much like the Gallery viewer in Android), so that when you open if for a second time, the images are displayed super fast!

Here is the list of changes since version 1.25b:-

DS 1.29

  • Fixed docs bug when using basic JavaScript reference.
  • svc.SendMessage() now copes with quotes and json objects.

DS 1.28

  • Added offline JavaScript reference.
  • Added 'include system assets' check box to APK builder.
  • Enabled app.Vibrate(), app.TextToSpeech(), app.SendIntent(), app.SetAlarm() in services.
  • Added app.GetRunningServices() and app.GetRunningApps() methods.
  • Enabled drag/drop of resources in WiFi IDE.
  • WiFi IDE now stops both service and App when pressing stop button.
  • Added support for multiple simultaneous USB serial devices (OTG hubs).
  • Added app.SendMessage() and svc.SetOnMessage() methods.
  • Added app.GetNotifyId() method (gets id of in-comming notification).
  • Added app.ShowKeyboard( ctrl ) method (control must have focus).
  • Added ctrl.Focus() method.
  • Added app.IsKeyboardShown() method.
  • Added 'Extract' option in EditText (enables full screen keyboard in landscape).
  • Fixed app.ReadFile was adding extra newline at end of files.
  • Added new 'FullPath' option to app.ListFolder() method (returns full names).
  • Added 'NoScrollBars' option to WebView control.
  • Added app.GetSpecialFolder() method ('DCIM','Pictures','Movies','Downloads'..etc).
  • Added app.GetBatteryLevel() method.
  • Added cam.SetZoom( level ), cam.GetZoom(), cam.GetMaxZoom() methods.
  • Fixed Alarms bug introduced in 1.27b.
  • Fixed bug with usb serial connections introduced in 1.27b.
  • Added app.ClearData() method (clears app.SaveText/SaveNumber..etc values).

DS 1.27

  • Added support for background services (sample on forum)!
  • Added support for custom buttons and added 'Button Styles' sample.
  • Addded 'IngoreErrors' option to WebView control.
  • Added 'Voice Command' continuous speech recognition sample.
  • Added app.SendFile() method (sends files to other Apps, user chooses).
  • Added web.Print() method to webview (prints docs on Kitkat or greater).
  • Added web.Capture(filename) method to webview control (captures jpeg of visible page).
  • Added optional id parameter to notification Notify() and Cancel() methods.
  • Added 'ScrollFade' option to webview.
  • Added “file” type to SendIntent extras + 'Send Files' sample.
  • Added support for 'MakeBlock Orion' OTG/USB comms. 
  • Added support for chinese Arduino clones (CH340 USB/Serial chips).
  • Added 'USB Arduino' sample.
  • Added quality parameter to img.Save() method + support for png files.
  • Added 'GrayScale' and 'JSON' options to GetPixelData() + 'QVGA','VGA',etc prescaling option.
  • Added app.SetOnKey(callback) method (reports key changes, including volume key).
  • Added app.DisableKeys(keyList) method (disables normal function of given keys).
  • Fixed issue with app.TextToSpeech() params being ignored on second call. 
  • Added 'Partial' option to app.CreateSpeechRec() method
  • Added IsListening(), Stop() and Cancel() methods to SpeechRec object.
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