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DroidScript v1.32

Announcement by Dave Smart 15th December 2015

Hi Guys, 

I've just released a new feature packed version of DroidScript on Google Play and we hope that you will like it!.

The most notable changes are as follows:- 

  • Support for a new (optional) build.json file which gives more control over the build process.
  • Cookie support in WebViews and HTML Apps (allows user id and login states to be maintained).
  • New app.CreatePhoneState() and app.GetSSID() methods which should allow context/location sensitive functionality to be added to your Apps much like the popular 'Tasker' App.  
  • Added support for Google Play subscriptions. 
  • New txt.Log( msg, options ) method which is useful for quickly outputting data during testing and experimentation (the options 'red', 'blue' and 'green' can be used to change the log line color).  See the 'Phone State' sample for a demo of this method
  • The addition of the DROIDSCRIPT PREMIUM subscription service and its associated benefits.
  • Added new device browser tab to WiFi IDE which allows browsing/download/upload to anywhere on the internal sdcard [premium only]

Special thanks should also go to Steve Garman for documenting some more components.

* Please be aware that the introduction of this Premium Service is ABSOLUTELY necessary for the survival this product, we simply won't be able to continue with out it!  So please support us by subscribing and encourage others to do the same.  Thank you :) *

Note: You can cancel your premium subscription at any time inside the Google Play App on your device.

!!!!!!  DON'T FORGET to 'Reinstall' your APKBuilder or you builds won't work properly !!!!!!!!!

This new beta should appear in the next couple of hours on Google Play:-

Changes since 1.29b:-

DS 1.32

  • Fixed problem with multiple notifications returning wrong ids.
  • Added app.IsAPK() method.
  • Fixed bugs with txt.Log() method.
  • Fixed .json files breaking release builds.
  • Fixed bug in GetPosition() returning incorrect top value.
  • Added 'px' option SetPosition, GetPosition and SetSize methods.
  • Added 'px' option to GetLeft,GetTop,GetWidth,GetHeight methods.
  • Fixed bug in cam.GetPixelData (red/blue pixel swap).
  • Fixed problem of app.DisableKeys() blocking unwanted keystrokes.
  • Fixed lst.GetTextSize() returning wrong size.
  • Fixed lst.SetTextSize() not updating list.
  • Added 'px','dip','sp','mm', 'pt' options to *.SetTextSize().
  • All top level plugin files included in APK build (including .so files).

DS 1.31b

  • Added new 'DroidScript Premuim' option.
  • Added new device browser to WiFi editor [premium]
  • Add Playstore IAP sample [premium].
  • Add Playstore subscriptions template [premium].
  • Added support for a new build.json file (enabled more advanced build options).
  • Added serv.AddRedirect(pattern,location) method to web server object.
  • Added _RemovePermissions() function.
  • Scroller control ScrollBy method now accepts fractional values.
  • Added support for web cookies.
  • Added app.ClearCookies() and app.SaveCookies() methods.
  • Added Release() method to plugins (called to clear up resources).
  • net.SendDatagram() now has extra options param (supports “Text”, “Hex” or “Bytes”).
  • Added “SUBS” (subscriptions) option to all PlayStore methods. 
  • Playstore OnPurchase callback now returns prodId,orderId,purchToken,devToken,packageName.
  • Fixed APK version number rounding bug.
  • Fixed AutoBoot not working for APKs.
  • Fixed crypt.Hash() function adding line feeds (can use 'wrap' option for old behavior).
  • Fixed intermittend bug with spinner GetText() method.
  • Sqlite now works in services.
  • app.IsScreenOn(), app.PreventScreenLock(), app.PreventWifiSleep() now work in services.
  • app.TextToSpeech() method now defaults to the 'system' audio stream.
  • app.TextToSpeech() has extra 'stream' parameter ['alarm','music','system'..etc].
  • Added 'base64' mode to app.ReadFile() method (reads binary data to base64 string).
  • Added support for custom controls inside user plugins.

DS 1.30b

  • Added webserv.SetUploadFolder() method.
  • app.SendIntent() can now be used with null package and class names.
  • Added lst.SetTextSize2() and 'normal' option (turns of bold title text).
  • Added app.GetKeyboardHeight() method.
  • Updated fontawesome to version 4.4.
  • Added app.CreatePhoneState() listens for phone state changes (including cell location).
  • Added 'Phone States' sample.
  • Added app.GetSSID() method.
  • Added txt.Log( msg,options ) method to text control (useful for logging).
  • Added more docs for basic components and controls (authored by Steve Garman).
  • Added app.HttpRequest() method (useful to get around CORS issues).
  • Added app.SysExec( cmd ) method (returns result as text).
  • Added new '$' sys command to WiFi debugger (eg. “$logcat” shows internal app logs). 
  • Enabled multi-part SMS messaging with new 'MultiPart' option on sms.Send() method.
  • Added GetPeak() method to AudioRecorder component.
  • Added cam.HasFlash() method;
  • Added new option 'overview' option to webview control.
  • Added Arduino VID 0x2A03 (the other manufacturer).
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