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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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DroidScript v1.33

Announcement by Dave Smart February 27th 2016

Hi Guys, 

This one is a BIG ONE!  There's TONS of new stuff in this release, most notably the new improved code editors.  On both the WiFi and device editor we now have code completion tools and method information (including parameter names).  

We've also added lots of new ways to change the look and feel of your apps (for all users) but premium users will be able to do this more conveniently using the powerful app.CreateTheme() method. When themes are combined with the UIExtras plugin you can easily give your apps the 'Material' look and feel if you like that look, or you might prefer the dark look of our 'Carbon' demo theme.  

It would would be great to see people creating and sharing their own themes on this forum too. I expect it would not be too hard for someone to write a simple theme creator/tester app using the 'Themes' sample as a starting point.  This could allow everyone to experiment with various combinations of colors and background textures.

The new on-device code editor uses a custom editor with a 'yoyo' cursor dragging tool which might seem odd at first, but once you start using it regularly you will appreciate how effective it is (especially on phones with small screens).  Please double tap the yoyo to show the copy/cut/paste menus.  This editor does not suffer from the painful slow down issues associated with large script files like the previous one did.

We've had to fight a whole pile of Android bugs and issues for this release (mostly JellyBean and KitKat issues)… so you can just be glad that we are going through all the pain on your behalf :)

!!!!!!  DON'T FORGET to 'Reinstall' your APKBuilder or you builds won't work properly !!!!!!!!!

Here are the changes since the last release:-

DS 1.33

* Improved device code editor (large file support, yoyo, search+replace, volume moves cursor).

* Code completion/suggestions + method info added to both editors.

* Added transparent App support using _AddOptions( “Transparent” ) [premium only].

* Added App theming with app.CreateTheme() method [premium only].

* Added App theming sample [premium only].

* Added new app.CreateCodeEdit() method [premium only].

* Enabled MediaPlayer object to stream music over http.

* Added app.SetPosition() to allow tiny popop transparent Apps.

* Passwords now available in TextEdit (use 'password' option).

* Added app.SetOnShowKeyboard() method (passes true/false to callback).

* Added dlg.SetBackColor() method (can be transparent).

* Added dlg.SetSize() method (with optional 'px' mode)

* Added app.SimulateKey() method (eg. app.SimulateKey(edit,“C”,“SHIFT_LEFT_ON”) )

* Added 'NoDialog' option to the downloader object.

* Added usb.SetMaxRead(bytes) and usb.SetTimeout(ms) methods.

* Added new 'pl', 'ps' modes to *.SetTextSize() (scales text in proportion with device resolution)

* Added 'touchmodal','notouch','nofocus','secure','showlocked','wakescreen','screenon' to App.SetOptions().

* Added edit.SetCursorColor() method.

* Added icon buttons sample.

* Fixed commas in APK version causing bad build.

* Http server sample now fixed.

* Apostrophi and special chars in app names now prevented (in device IDE).

* ListDialog and YesNoDialog now support SetSize, SetBackColor and SetTitleHeight.

* Fixed problems with upper case 'i' characters in the options params in non-english langs. 

* Progress now supports 'NoDim' option.

* Moved minimum platform support up to API 11 (Honeycomb).

* Custom dialog now supports 'NoDim' option.

* Added app.IsPremium() method (only meaningful when running inside IDE)

* Custom buttons now padded by default (use 'NoPad' option to remove).

* Websockets now firing callbacks inside a service.

* Added 'FadeIn', 'FadeOut', 'CrossFade' to lay.Animate() + extra 'time' parameter.

* Added obj.SetColorFilter( color, mode ) method to most objects (supports Porter-Duff modes).

* Added obj.AdjustColor( hue, sat, bright, cont ) method to most objects.

* Added web.SetUserAgent( agent ) method.

* Added 'Network' permissions when using WebSockets.

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