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DroidScript v1.34

Announcement by Dave Smart April 29th 2016

Hi Guys, 

I've just released 1.34 out of beta onto Google Play.  The most notable changes are the ability to create home screen/launcher apps, the new config.json file for controlling various app options (including headless modefor embedded devices) and the new 'SDK' menu item which allows you to easily generate DroidScript pluginswhich is useful for adding extra functionality to DroidScript.

I've hidden the SDK menu for non-premium users because I don't want to confuse newbie coders, but you can get that menu as a non-premium user by creating a file called _sdk_ (with no extension) in your DroidScript folder on your phone or tablet.

This new version should appear in the next couple of hours on Google Play

* Don't forget to re-install the APKBuilder *

Here is the change list:-

* Enabled homeScreen/launcher creation using build.json (e.g. “homeScreen”:true ).

* Enabled new config.json file and headless mode.

* Added new 'SDK' menu item (Plugin generator) for premium users.

* Added _sdk_ file detection to enable SDK menu for non premium users.

* Added new app.UploadFile( url, file, name, callback ) method.

* Added file sharing/opening filter option to build.json (e.g. “pathPattern”:“.*\\.txt” ).

* Layouts now support touch methods (only OnTouchDown works when in 'touchthrough' mode).

* Added app.CreateWebSocket method for handling reliable connected web sockets.

* Enabled use of FontAwsome icons in the list control.

* Added 'NoWrap' and 'Log' options to Text object (Log=='multiline,left,nowrap').

* Added txtEdit.SetOnEnter() method (disables enter key and fires callback).

* Added .Hide .Show .Gone .Isvisible methods to all objects.

* Added support for html file input boxes on Lollipop and higher.

* Added 'IgnoreSslErrors' option to webview and app.SetOptions.

* Device app list no longer refreshes on WiFi file edits.

* Added 'address' param to udp OnReceive callback.

* Added app.IsAppInstalled() and app.GetActivities() methods (useful for making launchers).

* Added “Icon” option to img.CreateImage (allows loading of app icons).

* Added callback option to app.SendIntent() when using 'result' option.

* Added 'orientation' option to config.json file (forces a particular orientation).

* Fixed app.GetVersion was not working in german.

* Fixed App.Get/SetClipboardText() fails in service.

* Added option for file '/sdcard/DroidScript/_nopremium_' to disable premium.

* Changed http server upload limit increased to 1 Gig.

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