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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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If you wish to create a new page in the DroidScript wiki, please click on the most appropriate namespace above and follow the notes for contributors there.

Because of spam, it has been necessary to add a CAPTCHA to the registration form and the save option for editing pages. You will not need to prove you are human if you are logged in, so please register.

Please feel free to improve any existing page, as well as adding new pages to increase the sum of public knowledge about DroidScript.

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DS 1.50


- Added dt (time diff) parameter to app.Animate callback.

- Fixed missing OnCancel callback in Custom dialogs.

- Added obj.ClearFocus method.

- Fixed SetOnEnter method for edit boxes ('SingleLine' mode only)

- Fixed lay.SetTouchable bug for overlapping layouts.

- Added Copy option to DS app menu.

- Added 'install now' option after APK builds.

- Changed to 'Share via Email' option to 'Share SPK' (now works with gdrive)

- Added warning about .wav and .mpg files not working in APKs

- Added app.SendText() method (useful for sharing text with other apps)

- Added extra 'choose' parameter to app.SendFile method.

- Image control in 'TouchThrough' mode now fires touch callbacks.

- Orientation sensor now works for devices with no magnetometer (azimuth is always zero).

- Added 'TouchSpy' option to layouts (spies on touch events to all children)

- Added app.IsCharging and app.GetChargeType() methods.

- Added app.SetSpeakerPhone() and app.GetSpeakerPhone() methods.

- Added app.Animate() method (use instead of setInterval for smoother animation).

- Added app.SetPriority() method to change GUI thread priority ('Low','Medium','High').

- Change game samples to use app.Animate() (gives smoother framerate).

- Using _AddOption( “NoDom” ) now forces app into high performance mode.

- APK 'Network' permissions issue fixed for app.WifiConnect, app.SetOnWifiChange.

- Added 'TouchThrough' option to Image control.

- Added SetOnDownload method to Downloader object.

- Added optional 'name' parameter to Downloader.Download method.

- Added file download sample and fixed download error reporting.

- Added app.WifiConnect( ssid,key ) method.

- Added app.IsConnected() method (detects any network connection).

- Added app.SetOnWifiChange(), fires event with params 'state' and 'ssid'.

- Fix for AndroidThings preview3 or Raspberry Pi.

- Web Server WebSocket sending now works inside services.

- Unplugging and plugging OTG/USB keyboards will not stop DS now.

- Building HTML apps with obfuscation now works.

- Back/arrow keys not responding in dialogs with Gboard fixed.

- Flags data now added to activity intent json results.

- Link to video tutorial now in docs.

- Added Google Analytics support + premium sample.

- Fixed SMS non-number (carrier) text messages causing error

- When an SMS is received the 'number' param no longer drops the leading “+” sign.

- JS alert boxes now are now themed (disable with app.SetOptions(“NoThemeAlerts”)).

- Fixed flip animation x2 speed and callback issues.

- Fixed Sony SmartWatch2 issues.



- Added support for Android Things. - Add shop to DS menus. - Updated to FontAwesome 4.7

- Added tweening support + 'Image Tween' sample.

- Wifi editor remote file browser now shows hidden files.

- Fixed DS crashing on JellyBean 4.1.1

- Fixed 'Sensors' sample (SetOrientation callback was firing too early).

- Added SetButtonText() method to YesNoDialog.

- Added 'FillXY','FillX','FillY','Wrap' options to obj.SetSize() method.

- app.ListFolder now supports the 'Regex', 'FilesOnly', 'FoldersOnly' options.

- Added SetLanguage() method to CodeEdit (.js,.java,.php,.c,.cpp,.cs,.rb,.m,.py,.txt)

- Added app.DiscoverBtDevices(), app.PairBtDevice(), app.UnpairBtDevice(), app.IsBtDevicePaired().

- Added app.WakeUp() and app.Unlock() methods

- Added dlg.EnableBackKey() and dlg.SetOnBack() methods.

- Added “progress” option to WebView (shows progress spinner).

- Added SetRedirect( urlFrom, urlTo ) method to WebView.

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