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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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Because of spam, it has been necessary to add a CAPTCHA to the registration form and the save option for editing pages. You will not need to prove you are human if you are logged in, so please register.

Please feel free to improve any existing page, as well as adding new pages to increase the sum of public knowledge about DroidScript.

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DS 1.59


- Added new 'Button' option to image controls (causes image to depress like a button when touched)

- Added new app.DisableTouch() to disable/enable all touch events on controls in main activity.

- Added new net.WakeOnLan(ip,mac) for premium users.

- Added support for controlling media players with app.BroadcastIntent() method (see forum).

- Added 'TouchModal' option to YesNoDialog.

- Changed ShowProgress and YesNoDialog to 'TouchModal' by default (use 'NoTouchModal' to revert)

- Added options param to Custom dialog SetTitle() method, use 'Left', 'Center' or 'Right' for text alignment.

- Added new 'Auto-Help' settings option to prevent/enable slide out help panel.

- Added new img.MeasureText(txt) method to get width and height of text when drawn.

- Changed device editor to show IP address of connected user when using WiFi IDE.

- Added SAF support for text files: write,read,delete, app.CheckPermission, app.GetPermission.

- Fixed app.GetExternalFolder() now returns primary external sdcard path.

- File paths starting with '/extsdcard' now map to the primary external sdcard.

- Your IP address is now visible in the about dialog.

DS 1.59a2

- Added support for Khadas Vim device (including gpio access).

- WebServer object supports new SetOnUpload(callback) method (filename + ip address passed to cb)

- Fixed WebServer bug which required use of at least one Servlet to get file uploads working.

DS 1.59a1

- Added 'json' mode to app.HttpRequest method.

DS 1.58a1

- Enabled creation of live wallpapers for premium users!

- Changed .js files inside SPK files to .js.txt to side step Google security issues.

- Added 'SaveSPK' option to device editor (saves to /DroidScript/SPKs folder).

- Added app.SetDensity to scale density of all controls in app (call before creating controls).

- Added basic animated GIF support to Image controls.

- Added URL intent interception via build.json (use 'urlHost' and 'urlPathPrefix' fields).

- Added 'UseBrowser' option to Webview to cause links to launch in the default browser.

- Fixed issue with fontawesome text in app.CreateList() and sumultainious use of fontawesome icons.

- Fixed canvas.Save() not getting Storage permissions for APK build.

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