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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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Please feel free to improve any existing page, as well as adding new pages to increase the sum of public knowledge about DroidScript.

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DS 1.65


- Fixed Phone States sample permissions issue for Oreo.

- Added SetSmallImage() to Notify component (image should be a single color with alpha).

- Updated Notifications sample.

DS 1.65a4


- Added support for BananaPi-M2-Zero (runs in headless mode).

- Creating app shortcuts now working on oreo.

- Notifications now working on Oreo.

- Coarse location permission now requested on oreo when using PhoneState object.

- Fixed menu button on Chromebooks.

- Tool-tip short descriptions for app.* methods added for WiFi-IDE/Chromebooks.

- Added lay.SetTouchThrough() method.

DS 1.65a3


- Fixed the crash on Marshmallow after accepting permissions.

- HTML apps are now scanned for permissions before launch in IDE.

- When using auto-permissions, apps will not start unless ALL perms are accepted.

- Added autoPermissions:true/false option to build.json file.

- Added app.IsDebugEnabled().

DS 1.65a2


- API level 26 now default target (Google Play requirement)

- UDP sockets now closed when net.Close() or net.Destroy() is called.

- app.CheckPermission( “extsdcard” ) now returns storage uri on success else empty string.

- app.CheckPermission() can now take a 'dangerous' perms list (“Storage,Camera,SMS,…”).

- app.GetPermission() callback returns a list of un-granted perms when using 'dangerous' perms.

DS 1.65a1


- Added app.ExtExec() command (can now execute commands in Termux!).

- Added French, German and Russian language options.

- Added extensions facility to WiFi editor (for both left and right tabs)

- Fixed Chromebooks menu button.

- You can now drop *.obj files onto the Wifi editor file browser.

- Fixed SetOnLongTouch() callback failure on Text controls.

- Fixed docs failing to copy or run samples.

- Added support for PixelBook (untested).

- Added 'exact' option to app.SetAlarm (only works for single shot alarms).

- Various typos etc fixed in samples (thanks to BareK)

- Added Wifi IDE F3 and Shift+F3 for searching for selected word (same as Ctrl+K).

- Added Ctrl+L for deleting current line (same as Ctrl+D)

- Added Ctrl+G for goto line.

DS 1.64a4


- Fixed scaling bug with re-loading images after calling app.SetDensity.

- Enabled Cam/audio + location in WebView and HTML apps ('NoCapture','NoLocate' to disable).

- Added app.script() method (async load of local scripts)

- Added Angry Birds style game demo for game engine.

- Game engine libs now exluded from non-game APK builds.

DS 1.64a3

- Various Game engine updates.

- Added app.ExtractPlugins method.

- Added obj.Method( name,types,p1,p2,p3,p4 ) access Java via reflection (premium).

DS 1.63a1


- Added Block based editing for DSJ files (still in alpha)!

- Added screenshot button to Wifi IDE (screen shots now captured to .edit folder).

- Added 'nofocus' option to app.Alert() method (useful for kiosk mode)

- Added dlg.IsVisible() method.

- Added new app.CreateWizard + new 'Wizard' sample for premium users.

- Fixed recent bug with img.SetImage() not allowing image as first param.

- Added 'base64' mode to app.WriteFile method (writes a base64 string to raw binary data)

- Added app.SimulateScroll( obj,x,y,dx,dy,count,fling ) method, simulates mouse wheel scrolls.

- Added app.SimulateDrag( obj,x1,y1,x2,y2,step,pause ) method, simulates mouse drag.

- Shortened startup time on Chromebooks.

DS 1.62a2

- Removed jqplot from internal assets, moved jquery to /Sys/Libs.

- Removed 'WebView Gauges' and 'WebView Graphs' samples moved to downloadable demos.

- Fixed drawer lock/unlock bug.

- Enabled mixing of width/height vals with 'FillX', 'FillY' option.

- Fixed app.SetScreenMode to remove menus when null/empty string used.

- Changed app.SetScreenMode to fire OnConfig.

DS 1.62a1

- Added game engine (alpha)!

- Fixed Launcher sample to use android.intent.action.MAIN instead of .VIEW.

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