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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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Please feel free to improve any existing page, as well as adding new pages to increase the sum of public knowledge about DroidScript.

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DS 1.68


- “Install” permission now auto added only when necessary.

- “SysWin” permission now auto added when using app.CreateOverlay().

- Fixed permissions problem with Overlays on Oreo.

- app.StartApp() can now be used without any params to launch the current app.

DS 1.68b1(29-Aug-2018)

DS 1.68a1(18-Sep-2018)

DS 1.67b1


- app.SetKioskMode() now asks for appropriate permissions when required.

- app.GetPermission() now suppports the 'overlay' keyword.

- Added app.CreateOverlay() method (Premium only).

- Added “Chat Heads” sample (Premium only).

- Added 'rawX','rawY',screenX,screenY params to Image and Layout OnTouch callbacks.

- Fixed Launcher sample for >= Oreo.

- Added app.ChooseAccount() to request user's device email address.

- Fixed dodgy chars in docs for CreateSeekBar, CreateSensor, CreateWebServer and CreateWebView.

DS 1.66b3


- Fix plugin onActivityResult issue.

- Added 'nokeys' option to app.CreateDialog() method.

- Added 'nokeys' and 'showkeys' options to app.SetOptions().

- Removed dodgy html characters from some of the docs examples.

DS 1.66b2

- List control onclick event params now cope with double quotes.

- Fixed recently introduced bug with spinner calling onChange when first shown.

- Added code to handle OnActivityResult in DS plugins.

DS 1.66b1


- Fixed Notification SetSmallImage method crashing on API < 23 (now does nothing)

- app.GetIPAddress() now works when phone is running as an Access Point.

- Wifi IDE can now easily be used when phone is running as Access Point.

- File browsing now always enabled for Embedded systems.

- Added new !exit command to wifi IDE (useful to kill DS on embedded systems)

- Fix bug on GPIO sys.Out() for banana-pi (eg.echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio_sw/PA11/data)

- Fixed bugs where some premium features were not being checked.

- Added app.SetWifiApEnabled( true, ssid, key ) for Android 6 or older device only.

- Added app.IsWifiApEnabled() for Android 6 or older device only.

- Fixed bug with app.CreateWizard() not allowing text editing (focus was blocked)

- Fixed problem with dark text in Spinner lists on Oreo.

- Spinner now copes better with large fonts.

- Fixed problem with lists chopping of bottom of text on Oreo.

- img.Save() now works after multiple calls to img.Update() are made.

- The ReadData() method on the file object is now escaped when using text mode.

- List control onclick event params are now JavaScript escaped instead of ^*^ escaped.

- app.GetAccounts() and app.GetUser() now request appropriate permissions on Oreo.

- Save SPK option now added to menus on Chromebooks.

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