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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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DS 1.70


- Added italian language.

- Add 'Experiments' option (terminal,blockly)

- SDK menu now enabled by default.

- Add new auto-wifi option.

- Removed SMS permissions for GPlay version of DS.

DS 1.69a4

- Added !delplugin command to wifi ide (eg. !delplugin bluetoothle)

- WifiConnect now works for Android 4.4 with WPA_PSK routers.

- Added app.WifiScan(callback) method (returns list of ssids).

- Added 3rd 'status' param to app.HttpRequest() callback function.

- Added option to use '~' character instead of '=' between params.

- Fixed app.CreateNxt() method.

- Improved debug overlay auto scrolling + made monospace for IOT devices.

- app.Execute() now supported in NoDOM mode.

- Enabled replacement of 'Basic' app template using “/sdcard/DroidScript/Template.js”.

DS 1.69a3


- Upgraded internally to Font-Awesome 4.47

- Added void OnNewIntent event to plugin API.

- app.GetAppPath() now returns correct path for services running in IDE.

- Fixed SQLlite query callbacks not working in services.

- Fixed plugin callbacks inside services not working.

- Service Stop() method now disables action of 'Persist' option.

- Fixed calling cam.Stop() twice in row crash.

- Fixed IDE bug causing repeated load of extension html file.

- Added new 'combine' option app.CreateSysProc() to combine output and error stream.

- Added new 'builder' option app.CreateSysProc() to force use of proc builder

- app.CreateSysProc() can now accept '|' separated command list.

DS 1.69a2


- Fixed app.SysExec() timeout param had no effect.

- Added 'su' and 'sh' options to app.SysExec(), runs commands in a shell.

- Added UART and GPIO banana-pi samples for DS-IO.

- Changed Wifi IDE debug tab $ commands to run via 'sh' shell.

- Added !getplugin command to DS-IO (eg. !getplugin bluetoothle)

- Added !getspk command (eg. !getspk

- Added !buildapk command (eg. !buildapk com.test.puck 1.0 false).

- Changed Wifi IDE home page for DS-IO.

- Changed USB Serial devices only vendor id match now required (not device id).

- Added 'ShowUI' option to app.SetVolume(), also level of -1 keeps current volume.

- Added SetOnInput and SetOnError methods to SysProc object.

- Changed Terminal sample to use callbacks.

- Added .data JavaScript property to all DS object for safely storing user data.

- Fixed small memory leak related to anonymous functions as callbacks.

- Added 'id' property to websockets and websocket callbacks.

- Remote Android shell Terminal added to Wifi IDE (premium only).

- Added 'Persist' option to app.CreateService() (attempts to force restart if service killed).

- Added app/svc.SetInForeground( title,text,largeIcon,smallIcon,importance ) for services.

- Added app/svc.SetInBackground() for services.

- Added app.ToFront() method (moves app to foreground).

- Added 'Tasks' option to app.SetKioskMode (prevents recent tasks button working)

- Removed sony smartwatch and pebble entries from manifest

- Added OnPause, OnResume, OnConfig, OnMenu events to plugin API.

- Added app.GetDrawerState() method ('Open', 'Closed', 'Sliding').

- Added SetOnFocus method to TextEdit control (callback returns state true/false).

- Made FlappyDinos demo for GameView + fixed some bugs.

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