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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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DS 1.80


DS 1.80b2


  • Fixed problem with screen height measurement on phones with hardware buttons.

DS 1.80b1


  • Added Admob support + sample for premium users.
  • Added net.ReceiveVideoStream() for premium users.
  • Added new 'Card' Layout type + sample.
  • Added app.SetNavBarColor/SetStatusBarColor for premium users + sample.
  • Added 'btn-1' to 'btn-12' to app.GetJoystickState() method.
  • Added BUILD_TIME macro.
  • Added SetCorderRadius(radius) method to Linear layout control.
  • Fixed issue with miscalculated display height for devices with soft nav bars.
  • Added app.IsPortrait() convenience function.
  • Added 'Location' permission automatically for app.CreateBluetoothSerial() method.
  • Fixed missing leading zero in hexmode response for BtSerial,File,NetClient,UsbSerial objects.
  • Added option to BTSerial for packet length headers, eg. bt.SetSplitMode( “Head”, 2, “LE” ).
  • Added raw 'Direct Commands' Nxt serial BT sample (same techique should work for EV3).

DS 1.79a4


  • Fixed problem with loading DS plugins on Android7 and lower.

DS 1.79a3


  • Added .startsWith polyfill older Androids.
  • Fixed crash on OrangePi Zero.
  • AddPermissions() now works in IDE.
  • PuckJS Plugin now requests Location permission in IDE.
  • 3dp accuracy now supported on seekbars.
  • Default seekbar max-rate changed from 20ms to 100ms.
  • Added app.RedirectAssets. (Reads Img,Snd,Html,Misc assets from given folder not APK).
  • Added 'NoRedirect' to web.LoadUrl() and web.LoadHtml() methods (blocks asset redirect).
  • Added 'Move' touch events to GameView (and blocked null events)

DS 1.79a2

  • Fixed app.ShowTip error on touching tooltip.
  • app.WifiScan() now supports 'detail' option (returns array with details).

DS 1.79a1


  • Added obj.Animate + animation sample.
  • Changed ListView to use normal font by default (can use 'bold' option)
  • Dialog titles are now thinner by default (use 'old' option to revert).
  • Dialog corners are now rounded by default (use 'old' option to revert).
  • Dialog title text size is smaller by default (use 'old' option to revert).
  • Added optional radius param to Dialog.SetBackColor() method.
  • Added Theme.SetDialogCornerRadius(), Theme.SetTitleDividerHeight(), Theme.SetTitleTextSize().
  • Added Dialog.SetTitleDividerColor(), Dialog.SetTitleDividerHeight(), Dialog.SetTitleTextSize().
  • Smartened up the Custom Dialog sample.
  • Fixed UDP send method (was broken in v178).
  • Fixed UDP ReceiveDatagrams() method.
  • Improved Wifi Broadcast sample.
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