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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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Note for contributors

If you wish to create a new page in the DroidScript wiki, please click on the most appropriate namespace above and follow the notes for contributors there.

Because of spam, it has been necessary to add a CAPTCHA to the registration form and the save option for editing pages. You will not need to prove you are human if you are logged in, so please register.

Please feel free to improve any existing page, as well as adding new pages to increase the sum of public knowledge about DroidScript.

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DS 2.02


  • Fixed bad link in documentation to CloudStore component.
  • Update CloudStore documentation.

DS 201b1

  • Fixed imagegrid showing black squares after 200b1 scoped storage changes.
  • Added new app.Path2Uri method (gets a 'content:' path for images and videos).
  • MUI: Fixed MenuWithIcon error.
  • MUI: Fixed DataTable selectable icons.

DS 200b1

  • Fixed many file access issues on Android 10/11 with fresh DS installs.
  • Added '/Storage' keyword as new alternative to '/sdcard'.
  • Added '/External' keyword as new alternative to '/extsdcard'.
  • Added support for 'content name' parameter in callback.

DS 195b1

  • Fixed bug with APK builder corrupting user assets.
  • Fixed issue with scoped storage re-directs.
  • Updated new improved search extension (thanks to Cemal)
  • Added new premium file differencing extension (thanks to Cemal)
  • Fixed assets not being added from phone Downloads folder.
  • Fixed issue with app.Execute obfuscation.
  • MUI: app.InitializeUIKit(color) to change color.
  • MUI: app.InitializeUIKit(color, theme) to force change the theme to dark or light.
  • MUI: Added new DataTable control.
  • MUI: Dialogs and pickers displayed on the center will now close when back key is click.
  • MUI: Added SetText,SetHtml,SetTextColor, SetTextSize method to banner.
  • MUI: Added SetTitle, SetTitleColor, SetText, SetHtml, SetTextColor, SetTextSize method to dialogs.
  • MUI: Added SetTitle, SetText, SetTextColor, SetHeaderColor to modal.
  • MUI: Added SetText, SetHtml, SetTextColor to AlertSimple.
  • MUI: Added SetHeight method to ListDialog and CheckList dialogs for long list.

DS 194b1

  • Allowed 'app' query parameter on wifi IDE urls.
  • Added 'Launch in new tab' option to wifi IDE app icons.
  • Obfuscated MUI APKs now work.
  • Added new built-in Music Engine (thanks to Cemal)
  • Updated CloudStore component to use
  • Fixed bug with installing spks over existing ones.
  • Added SetDescription method to all controls (for accessibility)

DS 193b1

  • Switched to use scoped storage for user scripts in Android 10/11.
  • The 'Store' tab now shows a stripped down version of the DroidStore.
  • Added new 'Search' extension to wifi ide (thanks to Cemal)
  • Plugins can be uninstalled in the docs.
  • Extensions now show up in the docs too.
  • Added 'List Colors' sample.
  • List control can now cope with missing values between semi-colons in list.
  • Added basic intellisense for MUI controls.
  • Added intellisense for plugins to Wifi IDE.
  • Callbacks from BT,USB and Plugins now return source webview.
  • Wifi IDE now starts with code window expanded.
  • Added Alt-Enter key combo for forward search on highlighted word.
  • Wifi IDE code window now defaults to wide.
  • Added SetItemColor() and SetItemColorByIndex() methods to List control.
  • Added hidden option cfg.NoSwapify (prevents func name swapping during obfuscation)
  • app.Execute() is no longer obfuscated (now works from webviews inside APKs)
  • Added new ide command !addpackage
  • Plugins with version number after _underscore now installed correctly.
  • Refactored code suggestions (thanks to Symbroson).
  • Clicking the method preview in mobile ide now opens the corresponding docs page.
  • !addplugin behaves better when given bad plugin names.
  • Added Disconnect() method to WebServer (disconnects websock clients)
  • Added websocket buffer size options to WebServer (ws_64k,ws_128k,ws_512k,ws_1M,ws_5M,ws_10M)

DS 1.92b1


  • Added latest docs with MUI and GameView updates.
  • Add new 'Store' tab along side standard samples (soon to show DroidStore).
  • Speeded up/improved app launcher page.
  • Added new 'ScratchPad' extension.
  • Added auto-translation to Language extension.
  • Added extension.js to DS internal assets.
  • Added ext.Log() function to extension.js
  • Added missing app.AddTabs() method.
  • Tabs: increased layTop height to 0.06.
  • Tabs: setting tab text widths based on dynamic width if unspecified.
  • Tabs: added “fade” option to Tabs.
  • Tabs: showing new tab first before hiding others to prevent flicker.
  • added _SetTmpDebug() and _RestoreDebug() for use in pure JS plugins/Libs.

DS 1.91b2


  • DS now offers to install and run your APK after build
  • Added app.LaunchApp() method, launches apps if installed else tries GPlay.
  • Fixed app.ShowProgress can now take null as first parameter.
  • Fixed app background not defaulting to dark mode (grey).
  • Fixed APK installs from DS launching second instance of DS.
  • Fixed scanfile bug in 'Create Shortcut' option.
  • Fixed issue with custom button colors in APKs for holo theme.

DS 1.91b1


  • Added new MUI. material controls for premium users!
  • Added MUI controls demo app to docs.
  • Added new 'Class' file/template.
  • Upgraded obfuscator to support ES6 classes properly.
  • Added M(ctx,func) macro for using class methods as callbacks (maintains 'this' context)
  • Fixed issue with Text control autoshrink mode on first draw.
  • Added Work-a-round for recent Android Speech recognition double results bug.
  • Fixed spelling of app.GetSpeechEngines().
  • Added SetProgressOptions method to theme component.
  • Added 'Solid' option to app.ShowProgress (shows solid background behind spinner).
  • DS now uses app.InstallApp() to install APKs (needed for Android 10).
  • Fixed “Install” permission automatically added when using app.InstallApp().
  • Enabled DS method auto debugging/tracing in APKs (disabled by default).
  • Added 'VCenter' and 'Bottom' options to text controls.
  • Improved extension support in Wifi IDE.
  • Created demo Wifi IDE extension.
  • You can hide your projects and files from DS by putting a ~ at front of folder/file name.
  • SPKs now contain a new hidden file '~package.json' with the DS version used.
  • Older SPKs and DS projects now default to Holo theme.
  • Added “Biometric” permission option.
  • Fixed problem with the word Add being incorrectly replaced when using Add methods.
  • NoIcons now defaults to true if a screen reader is detected.
  • Fixed app.GetThemeInfo() unset colours. Now returns null.
  • app.Install() now returns (packageName,status) params in callback.
  • Added new !plugindocs IDE command to fix docs for a plugin after deleting .edit folder.

DS 1.90b1


  • Added new cfg.Dark, cfg.Light, cfg.Holo theming options.
  • New dark theme is used by default (use cfg.holo to go back to old look).
  • Added app.GetThemeInfo() method (gets main settings of current theme).
  • Added 'Controls Light' and 'Controls Dark' samples.
  • Added new switch control (slider switch).
  • Intermitent obfuscation errors fixed.
  • Added app.InstallApp(apk,callback) method (callback returns error/success status).
  • Added 'AllProgress' option to WebView (shows progress for all loads).
  • Fixed some issues with 'AutoSize/Scale' mode for text and buttons.
  • Disabled BaselineAligned mode for Linear Layouts (use 'BaseAlign' if needed)
  • Added app.GetTextBounds() to calc size of text for given font size (most params optional)
  • Added TW(txt,size) function to as shorthand way of getting text width (size param optional).
  • Added DW() and DH() convenience funcs (same as app.GetDisplayWidth/Height).
  • Dialog.AdjustColor is now applied before Dialog.SetDividerColor.
  • Added 'dialog' option to button control (picks up dialog button theme).
  • Added web.SetOnUrl() method to intercept url clicks (passes url to callback).
  • Error descriptions in the WebView no longer include “net::” on the front.
  • Spinner bug fixed when using spn.SetList and spn.SelectItem right after creation.
  • Added 'vertical' option to toggle button (makes LED go to bottom).
  • All controls are now automatically dimmed when disabled.
  • app.GetObjects() now removes destroyed child controls before returning.
  • Added 'external' option to app.GetPrivateFolder() method.
  • Added app.GetAccessibility() to check for screen readers etc (thanks to Jason Custer for Java)
  • Added app.GetSpeachEngines() to list installed TTS engines (thanks to Jason Custer for Java)
  • Fixed issues with auto-complete on device when using app.Add* methods.

DS 1.82b2


  • Added Merge(), List() and Delete() methods to CloudStore component.
  • Added “Network” permission when using app.CreateCloudStore().
  • Updated Obfuscator to ES6.
  • Added app.SetMargins() to set default margins for controls.
  • Added app.SetTextSize() to set default text size for controls.
  • Enabled GameView to work in IOS and Android browsers.
  • Enabled GameView touch events to work in mobile browsers.
  • Improved GameView asset loading checks.
  • Fixed app.ShowCheckList button size issues.
  • Added 'AutoSize' option to button control (Auto-sizes text to fit).
  • Added 'AutoShrink' option to button and text control (Auto-shrinks text to fit).
  • Fixed GLview (added missing libs).
  • Added app.SetAppLanguage(), app.GetAppLanguages(), app.GetAppLangCode().
  • Deprecated app.Language2Code(), app.SetLanguage().
  • Added language translation premium sample.
  • Added initial version of GameView docs (thanks to Symbroson).

DS 1.82b1


  • Moved manifest minSdkVersion to 21 (Android 5.0)
  • Added new app.Add* funcs for all controls.
  • Added new CloudStore component + sample (premium only).
  • Added Listen() and SetOnNotify() methods to Notification component .
  • Added 'Notification Listener' sample.
  • Added 'action' param to SetOnBroadcast (for catching generic Android broadcasts).
  • Prevented OnConfig firing after screen unlock.
  • Fixed DS repeated re-draw after screen unlock.
  • Fixed use of gfx.Script() calls in GameView.
  • Fixed GameView issue with batched sprites not showing.
  • Fixed GameView to wait till all assets are loaded before calling OnReady().
  • Added object for storing user data globally.
  • Added SetOnStatus method to AdView.
  • Enabled the use of #rrggbb colors with gfx.SetBackColor.
  • Fixed “Cannot read property SetAlpha of null error” when using keyboards.
  • Added 'NoIcons' option to settings for screen reader support.
  • Updated Terminal extension to use dark theme.
  • Fixed wrong heading on copy app menu.

DS 1.81a1


  • Fixed GLView failure.
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