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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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Note for contributors

If you wish to create a new page in the DroidScript wiki, please click on the most appropriate namespace above and follow the notes for contributors there.

Because of spam, it has been necessary to add a CAPTCHA to the registration form and the save option for editing pages. You will not need to prove you are human if you are logged in, so please register.

Please feel free to improve any existing page, as well as adding new pages to increase the sum of public knowledge about DroidScript.

Formatting Syntax


DS 205


  • Default theme for wifi ide is now dark.
  • mui: SetOnSelectionStatus bug in CreateDataTable docs fixed.
  • mui: Icons in CreateDataTable headers now showing properly.
  • Fixed banner add clicks always going to Premium dialog.
  • Improved reliability of language extension.

DS 204b1


  • Added new “/Plugins” keyword to get path to plugins.
  • Added gfx.GetJoystick() gets object containing joystick states.
  • Added new gfx.multiTouch=true option to GameView (x/y vals will be arrays).
  • Wifi IDE app icons is now refreshed after spk installs.
  • GameView: Fixed gfx.Reload() not working on some devices.
  • Enabled the download and install of .ppk files from the DroidStore.
  • Fixed bug preventing multiple plugin installs at once.
  • app.AutoWifi and app.AutoStart now deprecated in favour of ide.AutoWifi, ide.AutoStart.
  • app.AutoBoot() can now contain both 'app' and 'service' keywords at same time.
  • Fixed app.IsStarted() to work for multi-page html apps.
  • Added app.ScheduleJob() method to schedule background jobs (using Job.js file).
  • Added 'Background Job' app template for premium users.
  • Added app.PinScreen() method (screen pinning must be enabled in settings).

DS 203b1


- Fixed bug with SendDataGrams showing EADDRINUSE error.

  • Added datagram buffer size options to Send/ReceiveDatagram (1k,2k,4k,8k,16k,32k,64k)
  • Added new app.GetJoystickStates() method, returns single object with all states.
  • Removed semi-colons from device code completion.
  • Download component and WebView/Html Apps now support 'content-disposition' header.
  • Added USEFULLSCREENINTENT permission if required.
  • Removed deprecated funcs SetLanguage, Language2Code.
  • Fixed obfuscation issues related to SetAppLanguage and GetAppLangCode.
  • Added app.CreateCanvas() method, creates blank image with auto-update turned off.
  • Fixed SET_ALARM permission having wrong path.
  • Added new ide.MakePlugin method (turns current project into a plugin and installs it).
  • Updated Wifi IDE toolbar and button styles.
  • Scoped storage state remembered from first run (safe to install your APKs on Android 10)
  • Added app.IsScoped() method to indicate 'scoped storage' on Android 10+.
  • Added SetOnRequest() to detect all WebView requests (params: url,method,isMain,isRedirect).
  • Added Stop() method to WebView, cancels current page load.
  • Added SetBlockedUrls() to WebView, comma seperated list of urls to block.
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