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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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Because of spam, it has been necessary to add a CAPTCHA to the registration form and the save option for editing pages. You will not need to prove you are human if you are logged in, so please register.

Please feel free to improve any existing page, as well as adding new pages to increase the sum of public knowledge about DroidScript.

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These are all the changes since the last official release -

DS 2.57

  • Chat extension now deleted on install (using Discord now).
  • UpdateProgressBar now has 'doevents' option to force ui update in v8 mode.
  • Fixed issue with slow APK builds.
  • Fixed issue with APK install just showing folder after build.
  • Hybrid apps are now auto-detected (don't need cfg.Hybrid)
  • Hybrid apps now removed from samples list, use UI plugin docs instead.
  • Main DS App class changed to DsApp, so won't clash with Hybrid/Enjine apps.
  • Added include() function for compatibility with Hybrid/Enjine apps.
  • Updated Hybrid templates.
  • Fixed crash with Notification listener during WhatsApp messages.

DS 2.56b1

  • Hybrid components docs now visible after UI plugin install.
  • Layout extension now automatically installed from UI plugin.
  • Progress bar now shown when extracting assets at startup.

DS 2.55b1

  • Added new 'CloudStore' tab to device IDE.
  • Added new SSH/Device Terminal tab to device IDE.
  • Switched device IDE 'Chat' tab to use Discord.
  • Added new 'RemoteTerminal' SSH extension to wifi IDE.
  • Move UI controls into an updatable internal DS plugin.
  • Support ds:/* style paths in HTML elements (eg. ds:/Sys/app.js).
  • The 'FontAwesome' option can now be used with app.CreateTabs.
  • Changed wifi IDE right side tabs to show icons only.
  • Changed node.Run() method to use separate VM contexts on each call.
  • Changed FileDiff extension to full browser width.
  • Fixed problem of ide.AddModule() only working once after DS restart.
  • Added link to playstore unsubscribe page.
  • APKBuilder now defaults to target API level 31.

DS 2.54b1

  • Added 'YouTube Player' and 'Google Maps' samples.
  • Added 'Card Flip' and 'Card Animation' samples.
  • Added 'Shopping Cart' sample.
  • Fixed bugs with device IDE image chooser.
  • Added ext.displayWidth + ext.displayHeight to extensions API.
  • Added ext.Play, ext.Stop, ext.Save to extensions API.
  • Fixed bug causing notification listener to fail.
  • Fixed bug with fine/coarse location in AABs.
  • Made AAB builder more reliable (was often getting stuck at 99%)
  • Added new WYSIWYG Layout extension to WiFi IDE (in experiments mode)
  • Added version number to APK/AAB build output files.
  • Added SPK auto-save feature when building APKs/AABs.
  • Fixed problem with turkish characters in control callbacks.

DS 2.53b1

  • Added new app.eventSource property.
  • Fixed extraction issues with APK asset files containing 'dots'.
  • Fixed mui.js not found bug when building Node APKs.
  • Fixed build.json being ignored for AAB files.
  • Fixed debug messages from NodeJS apps not readable.
  • Improved !addmodule command to support versions (eg. mi…@1.6.0)
  • Added new GitHub feature for premium users.

DS 2.52b1

  • Added SetSpeed and SetPitch methods to MediaPlayer.
  • Plugins can now contain sub-folders ('docs' sub-folder is removed in APK build).
  • Added support for Cancel(id) or Cancel('*') in notification listener.
  • JS errors from remote pages are now ignored for HTML and Hybrid apps.
  • Multiple cfg.Hybrid app samples added when in 'experiments' mode.
  • Re-organized app templates.

DS 2.51b1_p3

  • Fixed app.SaveText() causing 'Storage' permission request.
  • Added 'fillscreen' and 'fullscreen' options for Custom Dialogs.

DS 2.51b1_p2

  • Updated app.ChooseFile() to support GoogleDrive,OneDrive and DropBox.
  • Added 'nodownload' option to app.ChooseFile (just returns uri, no downloading of files).
  • Added 'persist' option to app.ChooseFile (persists file permission after reboot).
  • Added 'pretty' option to app.Uri2Path (returns DS style paths).
  • AddPermission 'alert' bug fixed (introduced in 2.51b1).

DS 2.51b1

  • Fixed playback of transparent animated gifs in Image control.
  • APKBuilder is no longer sensitive to spaces around brackets of LoadPlugin call.
  • List.OnTouch() event now returns unicode chars with correct upper case hex codes.
  • Transparent apps now startup with zero size (to prevent black flash).
  • Added cfg.Legacy option to enable various legacy transparent app behaviour.
  • Added app.UpdateUI() method for forcing UI drawing during heavy processing.
  • Enabled 3rd party cookies by default for webviews, fetch and xmlHttpRequest.
  • Fixed broken app.SetAlarm() method.
  • app.ListFolder() now supports SAF (can list outside scoped storage).
  • Added app.ListPermissions and app.RemovePermissions.

DS 2.51a1

  • Added support for /Internal/* and /External/* SAF paths.
  • app.GetPermission() now supports 'external' and 'internal' keywords.
  • Replaced 'Sdcard Access' sample with 'Storage Access' sample.
  • Improved permissions detection for file:/ / / android_asset paths.
  • Fixed 'Share SPK' for scoped storage devices.
  • Fixed app.SendFile, app.SendImage, app.SendMail for scoped storage devices.
  • Added QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission to X version.
  • Removed default params from edit/mui.js (older webviews don't not like it)
  • Added web.Func(name,args…) for easy calling of functions defined in a WebView.
  • Added app.Func(name,args…) for easy calling of main script functions from a WebView.
  • app.SimulateTouch() now copes with lower case keywords.
  • Fixed 'atob' issue with console logging in NodeJS apps.
  • Added new GetDocumentFile() method to Plugin parent object.
  • Added new app.GetRouterAddress() method.
  • Added tabs.SetTextSize(size,mode) method.
  • Added cfg.Fast mode for premium users (3x faster apps!)
  • Added XMLHttpRequest polyfill for Fast mode.

DS 2.50p1

  • Added 'Query Images' and 'Query Videos' samples.
  • Fixed crash when building APKs/AABs for Html apps.
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