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Version 2.50 is out since Jan 1st 2022

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Note for contributors

If you wish to create a new page in the DroidScript wiki, please click on the most appropriate namespace above and follow the notes for contributors there.

Because of spam, it has been necessary to add a CAPTCHA to the registration form and the save option for editing pages. You will not need to prove you are human if you are logged in, so please register.

Please feel free to improve any existing page, as well as adding new pages to increase the sum of public knowledge about DroidScript.

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These are the headlines -

  • Thanks to Cemal, we have a fantastic new File Manager extension for the wifi ide.
  • Node has been upgraded from Node12 to Node16.
  • Using ide.AddModule() and !addmodule no longer randomly missing out sub-modules.
  • You can now build APKs with non-western characters in your app title.
  • ES6 modules are now supported for node apps with the cfg.NodeESM option.

Here is the full list of changes since the last official release:

DS 2.61

  • Updated UI plugin to v0.22

DS 2.60b1_p4

  • FileManager extension now supports remote install of APKs/SPKs/PPKs.
  • FileManager extension now allows diff comparison of two text files.
  • Device now displays multiple remote (wifi ide) connections.
  • Fixed crash when switching to terminal.
  • Fixed crash after subscribing to monthly premium.
  • Added yearly premium subscription option (cheaper).

DS 2.60b1_p3

  • Extension API func ext.Open() now switches to coding tabs when loading/displaying a file.
  • Added new 'options' param to ide.Obfuscate(), use 'noswap' to prevent app.* swapify.
  • Fixed missing 'Billing' permission in AABs when using app.CreatePlayStore.
  • Fixed missing 'Accounts' permission in AABs when using app.GetUser/Accounts.
  • Fixed the double-tap wifi “EADDRINUSE” error in wifi ide.
  • Added DS build number to About box + new app.GetDSBuild() method.
  • Tidied up app.CreateBluetoothList() layout.
  • Prevented ide.AddModule from firing more than once per run.

DS 2.60b1_p2

  • Fixed issue with using ctrl.Batch() method with obfuscation.
  • Removed troublesome bytecode file.

DS 2.60b1

  • Added FLAG_MUTABLE to app.SetInForeground() and others to stop API 31 error.
  • Added app.GetIsBatteryOptimized() detects if app is being optimized.
  • Added app.ShowBatterySettings() show user battery optimization settings.
  • Added foreground location service support for Android 10+.
  • Project dir is now added to module search paths for cfg.Node apps.
  • Added new obfuscate option to build.json (array of extra files to obfuscate).
  • Added ide.Obfuscate( src,dest ) method (useful for building extensions/plugins).
  • Added new !clean IDE command (cleans internal cache/temp dirs and re-extracts internal assets)
  • Added new !reset IDE command (resets to fresh install state, keeps projects & prefs)
  • Fixed bug with app.HttpRequest() and docs sample.
  • Upgraded Node from version 12 to version 16.
  • Fixed issue with ide.AddModule() randomly missing out modules.
  • Fixed problem with multiple @ symbols in ide.AddModule() method.
  • Added new cfg.NodeESM option to support use of ES modules.
  • Added new 'esm' option to app.CreateNode() to support ES modules.
  • Added new 'debug' option to app.CreateNode() enables generic debug trace for express and others.
  • Added new 'id' parameter to node.Run/Execute calls (for isolating script contexts in extended mode).
  • Fixed issue with BLE onUartReceive returning atob wrapped values.
  • Fixed issue building APKs with non-english characters in app title.
  • Fixed bug with quotes in debug run box causing DS crash.
  • Update internal docs to v237.
  • Fixed mail.Send for Android 11.
  • GameView: Added default loading splash screen.
  • GameView: Added gfx.SetSplash() (allows use of animated gif during load).
  • GameView: Fixed bug where OnReady called too early when loading text.
  • GameView: Added gfx.useCanvas property (use outside of OnLoad).
  • GameView: Added new gfx.debug=true option to visualise physics objects (use outside OnLoad)
  • GameView: Added new AddShape( 'polygon', [[x,y],[x,y],..] ) option to physics.
  • GameView: Fixed keyboard bug where keydown not being called in OnControl function.
  • GameView: Fixed bug where natural size of sprites was not available after load.
  • GameView: Added new ide.Export(“GameView”,src,dest) command to export game as HTML.

DS 2.58b1

  • UI plugin now automatically added to APKs when building Hybrid apps.
  • Fixed atob2 errors in Hybrid apps.
  • Fixed plugin sub-folders unwanted .js extension swaps in APK builds.
  • Fixed building APK with Hybrid apps.
  • Fixed missing options parameter on app.UpdateProgressBar.
  • Added 'shallow' option to app.ExtractAssets() method (only extracts top level).
  • Added 'extended' option to app.CreateNode() method (allows use of app.* methods).
  • Added 'documents' to app.GetSpecialFolder() method.
  • Added new Bluetooth permissions for Android 12.
  • Improved notification listener robustness.
  • Added app.GetPublicFolder()
  • Added app.GetTempFolder() method (Android automatically deletes old files if needed)
  • Added '/Public' file path support (maps to scoped/sandbox public folder for app).
  • Added '/Private' file path support (maps to app's private folder).
  • Added '/Temp' file path support (maps to app's cache/temp folder).
  • Added 'uri' type to app.SendIntent() extras.
  • Added 'Camera Photo' sample (uses built-in camera app)
  • Changed app.SaveJson() to take any object type.
  • Added node.SetEnv( name, val ) method to nodejs component.
  • Fixed list control not auto-expanding when calling SetTextSize or SetDivider.
  • Added 'Expand' method to list control.
  • Fixed app.Uri2Path for folder names containing blanks.
  • Fixed issue with drawer not displaying in cfg.Fast mode.
  • Fixed edit.setCursorColor() for Android 10+.
  • Added new edit.SetSelectColor() method.
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