DroidScript.org Teams up with Jide and Barclays to deliver STEM education

DroidScript.org Teams up with Jide and Barclays to deliver STEM education

Jide Technology, makers of the Remix Mini and Barclays Digital Eagles teamed up with droidscript.org to provide coding workshops for huge STEM event based at Duxford Imperial War museum in the UK this week. The Duxford STEM Fair this year had well over 1000 pupils attending over the two days from 34 different schools and was organised by STEM Team East.


Children at the DroidScript workshop this year were treated to an exciting and novel solution for teaching coding skills which combined Jide’s affordable Android based mini computer, the BBC micro:bit and DroidScript.  This combination proved to be a fun and educational platform and was definitely a real hit with the children!


Hardware for the workshops was provided free of charge by both Jide and Barclays for this event and Barclays Digital Eagles were on hand during the day to support the children with the coding and creating fun and engaging games.  This solution is likely to be used again for future educational events as it proved to be such a successful combination.


One the the great things about using DroidScript for this type of event is that kids can just download the mobile version of DroidScript from Google Play when they get home and carry on the fun (and learning) using their own Android phones or tablets.

Here are some of the comments made by the children during feedback:-

“Really fun and enjoyable I learnt loads”
“Challenging, your amazing”
“Much better and a lot more opportunities than Scratch!!!”
“…. awesome!!!!!!!! ”